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batori.inDon’t know what to say, how to say! It feels like it is good to be a criminal. Being criminal can fetch you money, security, fame though not like celebrities. Wow, what a good career opportunity it is!

There are so many frauds or scams being unearthed these days. The most recent being the Vyapam scam. Is it actually a sin??

Doesn’t seem so…!!! The culprits take ages to get convicted. Even if they are found guilty they will be sentenced to imprisonment for some years with all the money in their pockets so that when they are released they can just enjoy. Even if they are not bailed out, they have a luxurious life at jail which provides them with all modern facilities, they even stand a chance to win elections from inside (Ooh la la…money money everywhere)……..and their families can have a happy ending with the scammed money.

Umm, eventually scam is a good source of tax free income with just few years of imprisonment…OMG, not a bad trade off.

Second in line come the sub-standard products being sold in India. For example our favorite Maggi noodle by Nestle is following all norms in other countries like UK, Singapore etc but not in our country. Has our golden bird transformed to a dumping ground. The next question then comes is why is it not safe in India if it is safe in other countries. Is it that we don’t care about what’s happening around us and May I ask who are those countries to decide what are right and what not in our country..!!!

Even terrorism is not a grave crime like rape isn’t it. Our system took years to hang Kasaab despite of everything being crystal clear in videos. Bravo to his Lawyers (Patriotic nationals). Well there are a lot of other instances to quote…like Uber rape case and continuing misbehavior; Salman Khan’s hit and run case, Sanjay Dutt’s arms case. Oh Gosh..!! My wife who was partying last night is not keeping well so kindly grant bail; film is being released so bail please! Truly said …our system is by the people and for the people.

Hope further examples need not be given as we all are intelligent enough to understand; if not, then it in any case doesn’t matter.

But for now are we going to wait for someone to take an initiative to formally be the forgotten Shaheed Bhagat Singh or Shaheed Chandra Shekhar Azad and many others or are we going to play our little roles to make our life better. Let me tell you nothing is going to change until we change or there is shortcuts to it… why not move abroad. Oh Wow!!! I just figured out the reason for brain drain!

Does our country need another freedom movement….freedom from  Hippocratic people…..freedom from criminal politicians…..freedom for our retired aged system…..freedom from “andha kanoon”…..freedom from “paisa bolta hai-  money speaks”……freedom from law being at the convenience of wealthy!!!!!

God knows what the need of the hour is. Here I truly mean God and not any babaji/guruji or any other dharam guru of any religion. Hopefully God is not confused as we are!

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Shivani is a Chartered Accountant by profession based at Delhi and she utilizes her leisure time for writing.

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