T S Kalyanaraman of Kalyan Jewellers makes it to the Forbes List of Billionaires 2014

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T S KalyanaramanMUMBAI, Mar 04-  T.S. Kalyanaraman, Chairman and Managing Director; Kalyan Jewellers has made it to the Forbes list of billionaires.  Kalyanraman’s net worth is Rs. 6300 crore as per the Forbes List. Mr. Kalyanarama has made it to the Forbes List consecutively, his net worth has grown by 1100 crores, he was valued at Rs. 5200 crores in the Forbes List of Billionaires 2013.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kalyanaraman said; “I am delighted to be part of the Forbes list and dedicate the accomplishment to my loyal customers, employees and all well-wishers. It’s an honour for Kalyan’s ethical business practices and path-breaking marketing efforts as well. I am glad to say that Kalyan Jewellers has done well in these trying times and holds a great promise ahead. Our expansion to the UAE has been well received hence we hope to reach more destinations in the GCC this year.”

Kalyan Jewellers is the single largest company owned Jewellery retail chain in the country in terms of number of showrooms. The company owns 58 stores in India   with a turnover of Rs. 9400/- crores this financial year. The company plans to open 19 more showrooms with an investment of 1000 cores and is targeting a turnover of Rs. 15000 /- for the next year.

Kalyan has been at the forefront of pioneering efforts to educate the public of cheating and malpractices in gold quality and pricing through their campaign ‘Fight against Impure Gold.

Kalyan Jewellers is the flagship of the prestigious 100-year old Kalyan Group with its origins in textile manufacturing and retailing. The group’s forayed into jewellery retailing two decades ago in 1993, and has retail store strength of 58 showrooms across the 4 southern states, Gujarat, Punjab and Maharashtra and six showrooms in UAE. Kalyan Jewellers is a clear market leader in most of the markets it operates. The company has set an ambitious target of 100 showrooms by 2015.

Kalyan Jewellers has  five sub brands for gold named Floret – Flower based designs, Tamas – Colour based designs, Bloom – Kids Jewellery, Rang – Precious stones jewellery and Eterna – Traditional Jewellery. We also got six sub brands for diamonds named Anokhi – uncut diamonds, Sakshi – Diamond studded mangalsutra,  Bliss – duo bands for couples, Amore – diamonds for youth, White Mistry – Platinum with diamonds and Antara – Bridal diamond wear.

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