National seminar on strategic options held

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Mr. Carlos Duarte, Brazilian Ambassador in India addressing at the antional seminar on strategic optionsALIGARH February 1:  The Centre for South African and Brazilian Studies, Aligarh Muslim University organized a National Seminar on “Rising India, China, South Africa and Brazil: Challenges and Strategic Options”.

Addressing the inaugural session, Chief Guest, Mr. Carlos Duarte, Ambassador of Brazil in India said that the seminar would promote trade, industrial and research relations among these countries. He said that large reserves of natural resources are available in Brazil and the country is showing positive improvement in its economic condition. He said that there was significant decline in unemployment in the country. He hoped that India and Brazil worked together for a better understanding and resolution of global issues. He further added there was enough scope for India and Brazil to help each other in the fields of technological, economic and environmental advances.

The Guest of Honor, Mr Kabiruddin Sheikh, Director, MGIEP, UNESCO India, said that these countries have emerged as a big economic market for the world. He said there was a need for evolving new ideas in the matters relating to economic and natural resources for a sustained development. He said that in current scenario, employment, health, education, and housing facilities are major challenges.

Prof B S Prakash, former Ambassador of India to Brazil and Uganda, and Visiting Professor at Jamia Millia Islamia, said that the term power has got a new definition in the last decade and now it is perceived as a means of people’s freedom.

Mr V B Soni, former Ambassador to Ukraine, Senegal, Georgia, and Mali, said that the BRICS countries could work for their development by using their common social, cultural and economic factors with Global cooperation, as the basis.

Prior to that, Prof Mohd Gulrez, Chairman, Department of West Asian Studies, and the Convener of the program, while welcoming the guests, threw light on the motives behind the formation of the Centre. France Li, from Taiwan Embassy, said that India and Taiwan could learn a lot from each other’s experiences. She said that although, her country is short of resources, but the standard of education and technology is rising, which is leading to improvement in the standard of living.

Major Gen Prof GG Dwivedi, Department of West Asian Studies, proposed the vote of thanks, and said that the young generation needs to have knowledge about the Global Relations and Affairs.  He said that AMU is moving on the track of a Global Educational Institution, in which new courses will be introduced not only in relation to foreign languages, but also the important issues of foreign countries.

Presiding over the Seminar, Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah, Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University said that there is a need for mutual cooperation among BRICS countries. He said that although these countries have differences on economic, religion and linguistic grounds, these differences tend to be sorted out by discussion on the issues like environment and poverty. Gen Shah hoped for the positive results of the Seminar. Dr. Ayesha Munira conducted the program.

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