AMU faculty wins best paper award

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Bab-E-Syed_AMUALIGARH, February 11- Dr. Inamuddin, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University has received best oral paper presentation award for his research paper, “Development and characterization of Ionic Polymer Metal Composite (IPMC) Actuator”. He got the award at the international conference on “Global Opportunities for Latest Developments in Chemistry and Technology-2014” held at School of Chemical Sciences, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

Dr. Inamuddin is actively engaged in developing Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites (IPMCs) bending actuators for robotics and artificial muscles. These actuators are capable of producing significant mechanical motion with the stimulus of a relatively weak electric field, e.g. 1-5 volts and mimic just like actual natural muscle tissue in hydrated state. He is working on implanting blood glucose operated biofuel cells in natural systems to provide electric stimulus for artificial muscles to mimic just like natural muscles.

Dr. Inamuddin has published a number of research papers, book chapters and books of international repute. He is working as principal investigators of DST, CSIR and UGC funded major research projects.


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