AMU organised Professor S Nurul Hasan Memorial Lecture

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Prof. SM Azizuddin delivering the S Noorul Hasan Memorial Lecture at the Department of History, AMUALIGARH, March 14- The Center for Advanced Study, Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University organized Professor S Nurul Hasan Memorial Lecture in collaboration with S Nurul Hasan Foundation.

Professor SM Azizuddin Husain, Director, Rampur Raza Library delivered the memorial lecture on “Babur as a Writer, Translator and a Poet of Excellence”. He focused on the literary and academic achievements of Babur who, in addition to being recognized as an empire builder, is generally known to the history students as a warrior, statesman and a great strategist. He said that besides love compositions, Babur has also covered themes like wine drinking, homeland flora and fauna of India, his friends, seasons, war-moments and many other aspects. Professor Azizuddin also highlighted Babur’s Urdu verses and compared his poetic acumen with that of Amir Khusrau.

In his presidential address, Brig (Retd) S Ahmad Ali, Pro Vice Chancellor, AMU, through a couplet in Urdu, pointed out that no translation can reflect the original thoughts and feelings of the poet. He said that Babur’s poetry is extremely remarkable and his poetic compositions stand equal to any master poet of medieval India. Brig Ali said that Babur was such a great soldier, commander and strategist that even today his military tactics have been included in the curriculum of the Army manuals. He said that Babur has always been his hero.

Earlier, welcoming the guest, Professor Tariq Ahmad, Chairman, Department of History and Coordinator of the Centre remembered the extraordinary qualities of Professor Nurul Hasan, both as a teacher and a guardian, as well as his personal care for students and staff.

Professor Ali Athar proposed the vote of thanks.

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