National Symposium on Linguistic biodiversity organised by AMU

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DR SHABANA HAMEED ADDRESSING THE NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AT DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICSAligarh, March 26- The Department of Linguistics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh organized a National Symposium on ‘Linguistic Biodiversity: Issues and Problems’. Professor Awadhesh K Mishra, Director, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore inaugurated the seminar and AMU Pro-Vice Chancellor, Brigadier (Retd) S Ahmad Ali, presided over the inaugural session.

Addressing the inaugural function, Professor Awadhesh Mishra said that no culture or ‘sanskaar’ can survive without the support of its language. He said that it was not the duty of government only to protect a language but it is the duty of citizens to come forward for protection of Indian languages. Prof. Mishra said that education should be imparted in mother tongue of children with two more languages, one belonging to the state and another, English as part of the school curriculum.

Brigadier (Retd) S Ahmad Ali said that India is a multi lingual country and it is a matter of concern that some languages are nearing extinction. Brig. Ali said that language and local dialects play a very important role in strengthening the cultural heritage of any country.

Professor S Imtiyaz Hasnain said that a language is not merely a cluster of words or a set of grammatical rules, but a flesh of the human spirit by which the soul of a culture reaches into the material world. He said that the issue surrounding the linguistic biodiversity, language loss and language extinction which have hitherto always remained a concern for few linguistics, have now attracted attention of several individuals and community of speakers of endangered languages.

Professor AR Fatihi said that a new vision and scale of values is necessary for safeguarding the world. He said that over the past decade, the field of linguistic biodiversity has arisen an era of transdisciplinary research, concerned with investigating the links between the world’s linguistics, cultural and biological diversity as manifestation of the diversity of life.

Dr Shabana Hameed conducted the program and Mr Masood Ali Beg proposed the vote of thanks.

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