Silchar Rises for Empowering Women

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batori.inSILCHAR, Aug 11- We tend to want to stay within our comfort zones. We like to do what we’ve always done because we feel a sense of security in knowing what the outcome is likely to be, even when that outcome isn’t positive. By doing something differently you might find that alternative outcomes are more rewarding than the ones you’re accustomed to. You’ll grow and learn more as you experience different ways of being. So rather than running an autopilot, try something different and notice the effects. That’s what a bunch of aspiring young boys and girls from different educational background believes in and formed Womaniya – an awareness festival themed on Women Empowerment.

The one-day event Womaniya in association with Angik Sanskritik Sangstha is a collective effort on the part of a group of aspiring youths to reinstate the pride and respect of Women in our society and also to empower them. The event is scheduled to be organized on 17th August 2014 at the District Library Hall, Silchar (Assam). This time in the city of Silchar a revolution is to unfold – a revolution of great thoughts and encouragements, a revolution that will fight for the safety of the Women, a revolution that will showcase the power of Women, and which is going to be one of the biggest events in the history of Silchar themed on this.

As the tag-line of Womaniya rightly says ‘Zero Tolerance towards My Victimization’, yes, Womaniyans (as they call themselves) are not going to tolerate any disrespectful act against the females of the society. The awareness fest kicks off with inauguration ceremony at 9:00 am followed by the flagship event “Talk show encouraging ideas of youths toward forming a better society”. The two accompanying events in the morning session are Painting and Slogan Writing Competition. The Painting Competition is grouped into three age-groups with their respective themes: up to 10 yrs (Open subject), 11-15 yrs (“Mom is My Superhero”) and 16-19 yrs (Portraying Women Empowerment or their Strengths). The theme of the Slogan Competition will be declared on-spot. In the afternoon session, there is Quizomania – the Quizzing Competition and Photography Competition themed on “Equality Persisting among the Males and Females of our Society” (up to 18 yrs) and “Dedication of a Woman towards her Work” (above 18 yrs). The evening session kicks-off with the dancing competition event ‘Two minutes to prove the Dancer in You’, which will form the gateway to engaging masses in understanding the Vishaka Guide Lines, Penal Laws and National Commission for Women. It will be followed by ‘Incredible Women: A encomium’, a Designer Presentation depicting Eminent Women in India and then few awareness presentations, documentaries and short film regarding women safety and empowerment.

Not only these; Womaniya launches the band ‘License to Rock’ whose performance will energize the cause. And before wrapping up the evening with the presentations, there comes the signature act of Womaniyans – a dance drama showcasing a girl’s journey through the different stages of her life.

Meet the Womaniyans: Purva Sengupta, Pinak Sengupta, Pankaj Singh, Hirok Mitra, Anup Zaigirdar, Kunal Aich, Aradhana Bhattacharjee, Ananya Bhattacharjee, Saptadipa Sen Gupta, Binayak Paul, Abhijeet Paul, Satarupa Ghosh, Ritu Sinha, Moniprova Sinha, Eliza Choudhury, Rajshree Singha, Dawipayan Deb, Gauravi Saha, Soumyajit Bakshi and Abhay Goshwami, in their mission to raise Silchar for Empowering Women. Come join them in their journey to navigate the storm against the beautiful creation of Nature without whom even Adam would have struggled to exist his name in the Holy Book. Yes they are talking about the Females of the world without whom the Story of Earth would’ve always been a place of violence and hatred.

Want to be a part of the cause!!! Well contact: 09706816318 (Event Manager), 09706475776 (Marketing Coordinator), 09706456818 (Cultural Coordinator), 09706459608 (Advisory Convener), mail at  or follow

-Kunal Aich

(The contributor is a student of Assam University, Silchar.) 

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