Seminar on Subramania Bharti at Aligarh Muslim University

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Prof. D. Murthy delivering a lecture on Subramania Bharti at the Women's Studies CentreALIGARH, Dec 13- The Center for Women’s Studies, Aligarh Muslim University organized a Seminar on the renowned Tamil poet, social reformer and nationalist Subramania Bharti. The seminar marked the commemoration of the birth anniversary of the great poet and nationalist.

Prof. D. Murthy, Department of Modern Indian Languages delivered the keynote address on “Concept of Nation in the works of Subramania Bharti”. The inaugural session was presided over by Prof. N.A.K. Durrani, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Professor Murthy enlightened the audience by enacting some of the poems written by Subramania Bharti in Tamil. He raised the issues of class discrimination, color bias, feudal vices and colonial oppression. As a nationalist poet, he attacked the parochial customs of Indians, especially the upper class Brahmins who would patronize all kinds of discriminatory practices against poor and lower Varna people. He was a true believer of Hinduism but defied superstitious customs and beliefs espoused by upper Brahminical order.

Dr. Murthy stressed that Bharti was a great journalist who wrote revolutionary articles and opinions against the colonial masters during the early decade of the twentieth century. He was an ardent supporter of women’s rights and questioned the legitimacy of male supremacy in society. He advocated equal status for women and upheld that ‘equal wages for equal work’ principle would bring self- respect and dignity among women.

Dr. Chandni Bi of Department of History opened the session with a brief  note on the life and times of Subramania Bharti. She pointed out that Bharti was born on 11th December 1882 and at the age of 38, he left the worldly abode. He, however, in such a brief period penned brilliant poetry in English, Tamil and Hindi. He also knew French and Sanskrit very well.

Bharti was a staunch nationalist. He wanted India and the countrymen to be free not only from the fetters of the imperial and colonial powers, but also from the feudalistic and Brahminical hegemony of elite Brahmins and nobles of the Indian society.

Dr. Chandni Bi said that Bharti fought for the downtrodden and Pariah people of South India and vouched for the national integration of India from North to South and attacked the sectarian mentality of a section of Indians prevalent in Punjab, Oudh, Maratha and those of Dravidians.

Prof. NAK Durrani made an appraisal of the lectures in his presidential address. He thanked Dr. Shehroz Alam Rizvi, Deputy Director, Centre for Women’s Studies for organizing the lecture. He lauded Prof. D. Murthy for delivering an enlightening lecture on life and times of Subramania Bharti, a realist and a great advocate of women’s equality.

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