PUCL Aligarh organizes symposium on ‘Civil Liberties in India: Threats and Prospects’

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batori.inALIGARH- The Aligarh unit of Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) recently organized one-day symposium on Human Rights and Civil Liberties at the Arts and Social Sciences Faculty of the Aligarh Muslim University. The distinguished speakers in the symposium stressed on the constitutional provisions of these rights and liberties and the threat posed by authoritarian and cultural fascists.

The assembled gathering of academicians and students of the university felt the urgent need to be on guard against forces that are inimical to the secular fabric of the country. Further, PUCL must be ready to launch a ‘movement’ if necessary to protect human rights and civil liberties of the citizens within the constitutional framework.

The Uttar Pradesh secretary of PUCL Dr Vandana Misra congratulated the office bearers of PUCL, Aligarh unit for the year 2015-16.

AMU academics Professor Salahuddin Qureshi was appointed as the President; Professor Samina Khan as the Vice President; Professor Latif Hussain Kazmi was appointed as the Treasurer, Dr Mohibul Haque was appointed as the Secretary and Dr Akbar Joseph was appointed as the Joint Secretary in the Central Committee of PUCL.

The Committee also has Dr Ayesha Munira as an Executive member along with student representatives: Abdul Mabood, Fatima Alina, Ayush Gaur, Ansari P A and Umair Siddique.

The keynote speakers for the one day symposium on ‘Civil Liberties in India: Threats and Prospects’ were Professor Ramesh Dixit of Lucknow University and Dr Vandana Misra.

A gamut of issues pertaining to politics, women’s rights, democracy, constitutional awareness, the threat posed by communalization of the polity and social friction caused due to capitalist, neo-liberalism and cultural fascism were discussed.

Professor Ramesh Dixit gave a scholarly presentation on minority rights and the politics of majoritarianism in India.  He delved into the historical burden borne by the minorities in India and how Indian democracy stands diminished time and again when cultural fascists reduce all debate to religious differences. Professor Dixit explained the threat posed by Hindutva and stressed the need for secularists and constitutionalists to join forces against the dark forces of cultural nationalism.

Prof Samina Khan outlined the challenges faced by women, the socially and economically weaker sections of society and the need to fight for equality and justice for the marginalised. “The academic fraternity cannot shy from this responsibility because syllabus completion is not the only job of an academician,” said Prof Samina.

Dr Mohibul Haque apprised the gathering of the Hindutva project called ‘ Islam Free India’. He stressed the need for a ‘Hate Free India’. Another feature of the present day government is the ‘Corporatization of Democracy’.

Shri Vivek Bansal (Ex MLA, INC) took life membership of PUCL (Aligarh). He spoke of his commitment to democracy and condemned the politics of communalism.

Professor Salahuddin Qureshi delivered presidential address and thanked the speakers for their scholarly presentations. Dr Akbar Joseph convened the program.

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