Noted economist Prof Goel delivers lecture in Women’s College of AMU

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womens college amuALIGARH-  Professor M M Goel, a noted economist, who teaches at the Kurukshetra University delivered a lecture on ‘Scope and opportunities for the students of Economics’ at the Women’s College of the Aligarh Muslim University.

Talking about the relevance of economics in research and betterment of society, Prof Goel lamented that economics unite people through relationship management among consumers, producers and distributors. “Economics needs to be read, understood and used in all walks of life,” said Prof Goel adding that there is an urgent need of redefining economics by clearly conceptualizing and differentiating between ‘Needonomics’ and ‘Greedonomics’. During the lecture, he pointed out that an economist is one who can ensure supply on demand.

Speaking on the declining popularity of economics as a subject for undergraduate students, Prof Goel said that economics has battles to fight. “There is a case for making economics subject, easier to understand, analyze and interpret,” pointed out Prof Goel.

He said that there is also a need to read the life history of ancient economic think thinker, Kautilya and recognize him as the father of economics in place of Adam Smith.

Prof Goel lamented that a student can think as a economist to solve the daily problems only if he/she can understand the essentials for an economist who has a bright future in all times to come with enough employment opportunities.

“To popularize the subject of economics, we need to understand it as a real drama in which consumer is the hero, who is looking forward to goods and services,” said Prof Goel.

He added that an economist should posses numerical ability, good analytical power, excellent communication skills, logical thinking and clarity in thoughts.

Prof Goel said that a course in economics opens career options in government agencies, business firms, non-profit organizations and academic institutions. He added that the newspapers provide graduates with opportunities to write reports on economic and business events. “We also have economic journalism and development communication as a career options for economics graduates,” said Prof Goel pointing out that all major print and television media organizations are hiring economics graduates to work for them.

He further said that globalization is the panacea for solving Indian economic problems. While concluding, he also cautioned that economics should come with ethics.

Dr Shaukat Hussian, Head of the Department of Economics in the Women’s College gave the welcome address to Prof Goel during the programme.

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