Tricolor Creations & Eon Films launches film Strings of Passion’s music with Venus

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The director with Mohan Das and her cast- Strings of Passion

The director with Mohan Das and her cast of Strings of Passion

MUMBAI, JAN 14- In keeping with the films’ theme that revolves around a rock band group, Tricolor Creations & Eon Films with director Sanghamitra Chaudhuri launched its film’s soundtrack at Sheesha Sky Lounge on January 13th with a musical event in the presence of the movie’s cast.

The director along with Champak Jain of Venus and Shravan ji of Nadeem Shravan fame launched “Strings of Passion” on a musical note at Sheesha Sky Lounge, Juhu on Monday night. They officially launched the film’s music by releasing a CD of the film’s soundtrack along with composer Dev Sikdar, singer Shahid Mallya, co-producer Mohan Das and other singers from the film.

The crowd cheered the loudest for Shahid’s title track “Kaiko tu leta tension, hoja bilkul tension free.. Bajne de Strings of Passion, shake your hips go 1 2 3..” Other notable songs from the film include “Aaj ye bhaage manva re, O sathi re…”, “Udtaa ye mann mera” and  “Cheenke Mujhe koi mujhse ab le gaya hai… O bondhu aaamar..” Sanghamitra said, “It’s really an honour for me as a first timer in Bollywood to be associated with a brand name like Venus. But I guess, our film’s music has come out well and is sure to catch on.”

“The atmosphere was magical. We were keen on the film’s other composer Saqi & Sidhu to joining us at this event, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it,” said Mohan Das. One of the rocking band numbers is delivered by Saqi who incidentally is playing the negative lead in the film. A young talent who runs a band, Saqi’s band is “The Devil’s Boyz” who is a loser. The song, “My choice all the boys” which is fast catching on is composed, enacted and sung by Saqi. The song is outrageously male dominated and adversely against straightism. The guy is bold, arrogant and obstinate bringing in a shocking climax to one of the characters lives.

Having directed more than 12 films in Bangla language, this is Sanghamitra’s bollywood debut. Shot entirely in Kolkata, “Strings of Passion” is a youth centric film revolving around three post grad students – Neel, Manu and Amit who are best friends in college. This is a story of their relationships and also the effect of bad parenting on their lives. While Zeenat Aman plays an overprotective, over caring yet dominant mother to Avalok Nagpal, the other guys are Shubh Mukherjee and Trishaan.

The event was well attended by cast and crew of the film. Other notable personalities from Bollywood who made to the event included Manjot Singh, Shakti Kapoor, Sharbani Mukherjee, Ejaz Khan, Poonam Jhawar, Mukesh Rishi, Bobby Darling, Shiva, TV Star Sandeep Anand, Anupam and others.

Produced by Tricolor Creations and presented and co-produced by Eon Films & Mithuntara Movies, Strings of Passion has won 5 Awards at International Film Festivals including Best Film, Best Actress, Best Editor and Best Actor Award twice for Avalok Nagpal. Starring Zeenat Aman, Rajesh Sharma, Shubh, Indrani Halder, Avalok Nagpal, Paru Gambhir, Amit Trishaan and Sangita Sonali in pivotal roles.

A drama of love, deception and humanity, Strings of Passion is an urban commercial flick set in the City of Joy which tells the story of 3 guys who has one thing in common – their love for music and life. Neel, Aman and Amit are young and dynamic guys who run the band “Strings of Passion” but are shadowed by the influences of drugs, broken love and bad parenting. Apparently instigated by college blues, they run a ruthless period of drugs, depression & desolation until the women in their lives create magic and rejuvenate them to sensible human beings.

Appreciated in many International Festivals and winner of 5 Awards including Best Actor, Best Film, Best Actress & Best Editor, Strings of Passion has six beautiful songs and is extensively shot in Kolkata and Mumbai. This movie is due for release on 17 Jan 2014 both in Bengali & Hindi across Pan India. Music is available on Venus Tapes & Records and Overseas rights with EROS!

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