Rii dares Bangla Rock Bands to participate in “The Ludo Band Hunt”

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ludo band auditionsMUMBAI, April 16- In its special brand new video for “The Ludo Band Hunt”, the sensational Rii, the lead female star in Q and Nikon’s upcoming fantasy thriller Ludo, dares new and upcoming Bangla bands to participate in the competition. If they have what it takes to surprise the directors, one of them stands a chance to be featured in the upcoming venture.

In the video, Rii along with the film’s music director Neel Adhikari, invites talent from the Bangla Rock scene to participate in the hunt and impress the judges with their own brand of music along with strong team chemistry, fantastic stage and screen presence.

The competition, which started off on the 11th of April, will conclude on 20th April, 2014. The top three of the ten bands that receive the highest Facebook likes, will have a live audition and one of them will get a chance to feature in the film.

Check out the video here: bit.ly/1kRb7IS

Find details of the competition at: www.facebook.com/LudoMovie

Twitter Hashtag: #TheLudoBand

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