Seema Azmi goes bold with Marathi film CHITRAFIT

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Chitrafit Seema AzmiMUMBAI, Feb 18- Seema Azmi, best remembered as the player from Jharkhand in Shah Rukh Khan starrer CHAK DE! INDIA is going to be next seen in the first ever bold Marathi drama movie CHITRAFIT 3.0 MEGAPIXEL, directed by Diwakar Ghodake.
Seema’s role in the movie is something new for her, as she was never seen portraying a bold character before. Seema too was little apprehensive at first. She said, “Initially, bold scenes weren’t part of the film. The makers told me that they will portray them through shadows and not show it explicitly. And even I was a bit scared as I had never done something like this before. I don’t mind doing if it’s the requirement of the script, but I should be comfortable. I just don’t want to do because other people are doing it and join the bandwagon. Then, Diwakar persuaded me as it was essential for the film. We gave many shots and finally canned it. Apart from climbing mountains in the film, doing bold scenes was challenging for me.”
When probed to her how she bagged this film, Seema said, “I got a call from Diwakar. He was looking for a girl who is dusky and looks slightly elder than the guy in the film. He saw my profile on a social networking site and sent me the script. When I read it, I was immediately game for it. I quite liked the concept of the film and I think it needs to be told in today’s date. So, I agreed to meet him and that’s how we connected.”
Praising his lead actress Seema Azmi, Divakar said, “When Seema was told about this character, she liked it and thought of trying it. She has a good quality that she understands the nature and seriousness of her characters well. Coming from National school of Drama, that quality is imbibed in her. And I wanted someone who understands the seriousness of it. Some actresses didn’t understand the subject and what the story is all about.
He added, “She used to walk at a stretch for three hours while shooting. And next would be again ready for the shoot. Seema did trekking very well in every location, so that was her plus point. She had the attitude of ‘I’ll do, I don’t have any issue.’ While other girls plainly refused it. They had excuses like ‘Vanity van is not there, or other facilities are not there’. But it was not so in Seema’s case.”
When asked if it was tough to cast Seema because of her non-marathi background, Divakar responded, “Actually I don’t believe in Marathi or Hindi casting. I just believe that the person should be able to understand the character well. Many Marathi girls were interviewed but Seema had a lot of balance for this character. Moreover, she was not afraid of this movie being made in Marathi. She was rather happy that she was about to do this role. Her immediate response was, ‘I have to do this, no matter how much I have to walk, or travel to interiors of jungle, I will do it’. She was completely a hassle free actress.”
CHITRAFIT 3.0 MEGAPIXEL is produced by Rahul Borse & Abdul RC and co-produced by Somnath Devkar & Jeevan Patil. It will be releasing all over Maharashtra by STV and Pickle Entertainment, who have joined hands as co-distributors.
CHITRAFIT 3.0 MEGAPIXEL has graceful Music by Yug and very realistic Set and Production Design by Dinesh Lahase. The film stars Seema Azmi and Ashish Pathode in pivotal roles. Also starring Ravi Patwardhan, Gauri Shankar, Shefali Maydeo, Dansing Rajput, Mike Hevan, Nerav Soni, Vinita, Mahesh Rale, Isha, Sachin Kabir, Vipul Patil, Meenal Chirankar, Komal and Suhas Shirsath, CHITRAFIT 3.0 MEGAPIXEL is cinematographed by Sachin Kabir. It is all set to release on 20th February, 2015.
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