Qissa “Simple. Simple. Poetic. Surreal. Shocking.”

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qissa                 Qissa movie review by Yusuf Abidin

ALIGARH, Mar 13:- This beautiful thematic representation of how ‘far’ a man goes to fulfill his insatiable desire for a male heir will leave you dumbfounded. This is clearly Irrfan Khan’s best and the most difficult character ever played, he just surprises you at every plot point. Tillotama Shome plays a character for which it’s very hard to find a reference but she is impeccable. Tisca Chopra and Rasika Duggal will leave you spellbound. Though it’s a character-based film, no other filmmaker in India has ever adopted such story-telling format with a surprising ‘coup de maître’ attached towards the climax; claps for the director. The best thing about the film is the world is so realistic that even the ‘ghosts’ seem real. Talking about realism, the film is technically sound; perfect cinematography, background score, production design (some cuts in editing could have done a fine job).

QISSA is a strong film with a stronger message hidden inside, artistically picturised. LISTEN TO THIS QISSA!
P.S – 0.5 + if you watch it only for Irrfan Khan (loved him watching speak Punjabi so fluently). Yes, the film is in Punjabi language.

Movie rating- 4/5.


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