Q and Nikon’s LUDO Trailer is intriguingly dark & scary

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LudoMUMBAI, Jul 02- The wait is over as the trailer of the latest fantasy thriller directed by Q (GANDU) and Nikon named LUDO is finally out. Produced by Idyabooster and Starfire Movies, LUDO is co-produced by OddJoint – Q and Céline Loop’s production house.
LUDO is a story about four desperate teenagers who decide to spend one fateful night in the big city. Horny and broke, they hide inside a gigantic shopping mall, after attempts to get a hotel room fail. At the mall all plans go haywire, as an old couple appears from nowhere inviting them to play a game, and a night of terror begins. The game, simple but deadly, is LUDO.
Teenagers looking for sex with the whole thing devolving into a bloodbath is a formula familiar from scores of American horror films but what Q and Nikon are doing here is something very, very different. This film is poised to reshape the thriller – horror genre in India, while presenting a global product for the international markets.
Well, the trailer is very edgy & intriguing and we simply can’t wait to know more about the film.
Watch the trailer here: http://bit.ly/1eiWxb2
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