Tanay films in association with Eon films announces Khushfehmiyaan

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KhushfehmiyaanMUMBAI- Tanay Films International is all set to announce its production number one in association with Eon Films. Tentatively titled Khushfehmiyaan, it is a romantic love story on the road – albeit of a different kind. Unlike Imtiaz Ali’s “Highway” or Navdeep Singh’s “NH 10”, “Khushfehmiyaan” is a timeless love journey on the road undertaken by the protagonists of the film, where the leading man grows to become best friends with a stranger on a cold night that changes the course of both of their lives.

Talking to Amrit Sinha the producer of the film, he says: “Bollywood is set to experience a whiff of fresh air with a romantic film of a different kind. This love journey on the road undertaken by the protagonists of the film brings them closer to each other with lots of twists, turns, and bends to ultimately reach its destination. To be shot entirely in the visually breath taking locales of Uttar Pradesh that are still virgin and especially on the Agra Expressway and thereby foraying into Manali and Kashmir to add to the romantic flavors, “Khushfehmiyaan” will be directed by award winning director Mohan Das whose “Lag Gayee” will soon go on floors.”

Speaking on the cast, Amrit says that they have initiated talks with Prateek Babbar for the lead as his persona matches the character exceptionally. “For the female lead, we are looking at a fresh face and someone interesting – someone like Mishti or similar who can add up value to the character. However, the female cast will be finalized only after we get a confirmation from our lead actor.”

Speaking about the film, Mohan Das says: “Love is different for everyone, and exists in so many different ways. What starts as a one night stand with an idea just to know each other better turns into something much deeper as the film explores the intricacies of love and the difficulties faced in a broken relationship. Set during a whirlwind one night encounter, Khushfehmiyaan is rare of its kind that will take romance to a very different level with grace and honesty.”

“Set in today’s times, Khushfehmiyaan is a sweet coming-of-age story about two relatively unknown strangers who spend a night together traveling the city, eating, drinking and eventually falling in love. The movie is sure to resonate with both teens and adults, and will inspire even those who didn’t live this kind of a relationship,” adds Mohan Das.

Amrit Sinha, the creative brain head behind Tanay Films International says that he “truly believes that the film will appeal to the audiences – especially – as they will connect with it instantly.” He also says that though he comes from a non filmy background (He is into the teaching business), he decided to back the project as he wanted to do something creative and the story of “Khushfehmiyaan” appealed him instantly. While the additional star cast is yet to be finalized, it will have a mix of Bollywood, Television as well as fresh young talent. “Khushfehmiyaan is leagues apart from the modern mainstream Bollywood romantic conventions as our reputed filmmakers won’t step away from the template with just different locations and different looking cast-members. This film will go a long way to remain firmly etched in people’s minds,” concluded Amrit Sinha.


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