Workshop on alternatives to Animal Experimentation held at AMU

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Department of Pharmocology, JN Medical College, AMUALIGARH, February 24- The Department of Pharmacology, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University organized a National Workshop cum CME on “Alternatives to Animal Experimentation in Medical Science Education” here on Monday. Inaugurating the workshop, Prof. K. C. Sighal, Vice Chancellor, NIMS University, Jaipur said that most of the medical treatments of modern system of medicine, including HIV drugs, insulin, antibiotics, vaccine etc., were made possible by animal testing.

Prof Singhal said that there is a need to ensure that potential benefits of research outweigh suffering to animals, replace animal with alternatives wherever required and refine experimental techniques. He said that need of alternatives has been much hyped by activists and environmentalists but use of alternatives has been made mandatory for teaching, so we have found some way to implement this.

Prof Shajahan Bano, Dean, Faculty of Medicine said that the workshop will help students to improve their skills in teaching and research with less pain and agony meted out to animals, and increased use of simulators and software. Prof Bano said that the simulators are already being used in Anesthesia and are helpful for training students.

Prof Tariq Mansoor, Principal and CMS, said that all of us love animals and we should observe extreme care to avoid undue pain and harm to them. Prof Mansoor said that the workshop will help raise awareness level among medical professionals.

Dr Chaitanya Kaduri, Science Policy advisor, PETA said that it is our responsibility to protect animals as suggested in the Constitution of India. He said that we should expand the working relationship with teaching faculty to develop software on use of alternatives to animals. Dr Chaitanya congratulated the JN Medical College for initiating the promotion of non-animal methods.

Dr S Ziaur Rahman said that the main objective of organizing the workshop is to provide participants with an opportunity to explore the expanding possibilities of alternatives to animal experimentation, train and instill confidence in them for use of alternatives and encourage them to adopt these alternatives in their teaching.

Dr Jameel Ahmad conducted the program.

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