World No Tobacco Day observed at Aligarh Muslim University

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Professor RK Tewari demonstrating at the World No Tobacco Day at Dental CollegeAligarh, Jun 2- Dr Z A Dental College, Aligarh Muslim University observed World No-Tobacco Day and educated the public about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.

Addressing a group of doctors in the OPD Professor RK Tewari, Acting Principal, Dr ZA Dental College said that the doctors serve as the best choice to educate the patients about the deadly effect of smokeless tobacco. He said that tobacco contribute about ninety percent to the oral cancer.

As part of the initiative, the consultant, Senior and Junior Residents and interns of the College educated and motivated the patients in their respective OPDs about the ill effects of tobacco in either form on the oral cavity and other parts of the body.

Dr Kaushar J Khwaja, Chairman, Department of Oral Medicine, Dr Shadab Rizvi, Professor ND Gupta, Professor Afshan Bey, Dr Afaf Zia, Dr Pramod yadav  and a team of other doctors and interns contributed fully in motivating the patients for leaving the deadly habit of tobacco consumption.

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