PDP is a sister corporation of National Conference: Aqib Shah

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batori.inJAMMU, May 20- Blaming People’s Democratic Party of hypocritic politics, Indian Peoples Party president Aqib Shah said that P.D.P is a sister corporation of National Conference and there is not much fundamental difference between the two.

In a press-statement, Shah said that P.D.P is a bunch of cold-blooded opportunists who can resort to anything for murkier political gains. He blamed P.D.P for leaving the people of state in chaos during the Amarnath land row in 2008. Shah said that it was the worst state of political opportunism that the P.D.P patron Mufti Muhammad Saeed resorted to. He also stated that the dynastic rule is apparent in P.D.P as it exists in N.C and desperation to benefit one lineage can be clearly witnessed in the top party cadre. Aqib Shah stated that in a democracy like India, democratisation is must at the party cadre and any attempt at projecting one particular dynasty shall amount to a dictatorial gesture.

Shah asserted that P.D.P has indirectly endorsed the separatist agenda through its eye wash-based   ideology of “Self-rule” and has always been dependent upon Separatist cadre for uprooting its principal opposition N.C in Kashmir. He also blamed P.D.P of blasphemy alleging that P.D.P has always provoked religious and apolitical organisations like Jamaat-e-islami for its vote-bank in Kashmir. Shah said that P.D.P will always remain a region-centric party and it won’t be able to conquer the hearts of the masses of Jammu region because of its unilateral attitude and Separatist inclination. Aqib Shah also said that the dual attitude and criminal instincts of P.D.P are out in open as it has gone on to accommodate people like Mehboob Iqbal in the party who is a prime-accused in the multi-crore Gulmarg-land scam and has also been charge-sheeted by the Vigilance organisation. He said that P.D.P has made a mockery of democratic ethos and has used self-contradictory slogans in all the three regions of the state for political mileage.

Shah said that the lone reason for P.D.P’s victory in the recently concluded Lok-Sabha polls in Kashmir is a lack of a genuine alternative for the people of Kashmir other than National Conference. Shah said that P.D.P never had anything unique or innovative with respect to its developmental model and it has largely been playing with the sentiments of masses for political gains. He assured that I.P.P shall uproot P.D.P from wherever it exists in the state so that the dynastic politics which is wrongly said to have been ended by the N.C.’s recent loss in Kashmir gets washed out completely from J&K’s political scenario.

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