AMU students protest against Israeli invasion of Gaza

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Aligarh_Muslim_University_israelALIGARH, July 19- A Protest march was organized by Students of Aligarh Muslim University and Resident Doctor’s Association, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU against the invasion of Israel on Gaza and to support the legitimate struggle of the people of Palestine. Thousands of the people marched from Jama Masjid, AMU to Bab-e-Syed (university gate) to condemn the people’s massacre in Palestine. A memorandum sent to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, The President of India said “It is more than half a century now that Israel is in an illegal military occupation on the Palestinian land. Against all international norms, Israel continues its illegal presence in the area and is rapidly creating more settlements and invading further areas. Israel has imposed a cruel siege on Gaza and has banned the flow of supplies including that of food – an illegal act under the international law. The war madness of Israel has led to the violations of all basic human rights espoused in international law. Israel continues with its brutal and deadly attacks on the Palestinian people in Gaza leading to deaths of thousands of people, including women, children, and humanitarian aid workers since decades.  Israel’s occupation, colonization and apartheid policies are a continuous threat to the world peace and stability. The latest invasion adds to the crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli Government.”

Addressing the protesters, students’ leader Mr Abdul Rouf, who is a research scholar at AMU called, ‘Operation Protective Edge’, of Israeli Government against the people of Palestine as a naked aggression, a mass murder of local Palestinian population and a design to further occupy the Palestinian territory.  He said that more than 300 people have been killed in the latest invasion and thousands have been injured.  Palestinians men, women and children are falling victim to Israeli aerial bombing and ground invasion. The worst human crisis at Gaza created by the inhuman, violent and disproportionate use of force by Israel is a matter of serious concern for all people loving peace, freedom and justice. It is not a war, it is genocide and is being perpetrated in full day light watched by billions of people across the globe. He called upon international bodies to stop the aggression at the earliest.

He added that India was one of the first countries outside the Arab world to support the Palestinian cause and had boycotted Israel but unfortunately now, it has entered into strategic, diplomatic and business relations with Israel, although it still claims to support the Palestinian right to freedom. Today India is the world’s biggest importer of Israeli arms and thus it de facto finances the Israeli military-industrial complex through the public money that is being eventually used for war crimes by Israel. The response of the Indian Government to the latest Israeli aggression and Gaza massacre was also weaker in tune and not in the line with our historical position on this issue. He questioned the attitude of government on the Palestinian issue and demanded that India should restore her historical position on this issue.

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