Aligarh Muslim University employees’ declare Solidarity with JNU Students

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Bab-E-Syed_AMUALIGARH- Aligarh Muslim University employees’ declared Solidarity with the JNU Students and Teachers. General Secretary of AMU Employees’ Union Shamim Akhtar, in a statement, said, “We strongly deplore the anti-national slogans raised during the JNU protest, but the question is, have the police investigated into the identity of those who raised these slogans? 

“There is gathering evidence that these slogans were orchestrated merely to defame the leaders of the JNU Students’ Union. We demand strong action against anybody who was involved in this matter irrespective of political affiliation.”

Full text of the statement:

The AMU Employees Union considers the non-teaching employees as much members of the University community as teachers and students. They are, therefore, as much concerned about the defense of freedom of thought and liberty of speech in the campuses as anyone else within the University community. The Union, therefore, condemns, without qualification, the recent police raids into the JNU campus, arrests of JNU students, including the President of the JNU Students Union on trumped up charges of “sedition”, and the foul propaganda unleashed against JNU and its tradition of freedom by the Union Home Minister and various RSS outfits.

While assuring the victimized JNU students of full solidarity and support of AMU employees, the AMU Employees Union is confident that the BJP’s semi-fascist conduct will create such nation-wide revulsion against it that it will rue the day it resorted to these steps. The least the BJP Government can do now is to apologize and release the arrested students unconditionally.


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