Re kindled memory of Gujarat

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batori_iconOur Prime Minister once remarked that “All Muslims are not terrorist but, all terrorists are Muslims”. We challenge the proposition and ask whether he can see that all Hindus don’t believe in the hate propaganda. Behind every such consistent and well organized assault on Indian secular fabric, the roles of right wing organizations are very much evident.

The riots which took place from 1992 onwards, there is an ample evidence that the right wing organizations are involved,  be it 2002, 2008, 2012, 2013  (minor short lived riot have a long list ), the very problem of this jingoistic notion of ideology is that, it called everyone anti-nationalist except himself”

Why did Muzaffarnagar riot take place? Who were responsible for that or who were the ultimate beneficiaries? Muzaffarnagar is a predominantly male chauvinist society (present sex ratio is 863 females per thousand male). Whatever may be the truth behind the beginning of such carnage, be it Kawal love affair or may it be molestation story of Jat girl or may it be simple collusion between a cyclist and biker at the end, we know the killing of three lives which were propagated and portrayed by media. Is this as so simple? Or the ground reality is much deeper!

The contributor to this article visited the riot affected place and found a very different story. Bharatiya Kisan Union called a Maha Jat Sammelan in the Muzaffarnagar district and gave the term Bahu Beti Bachao Abhiyan- save our daughters an event similar to the Khap Panchayat. It got a national political party’s full support keeping eyes on the vote bank and hatred polarization to gather some ulterior notion of politics. It was consistently said that since the very government is not ours, thus we have to take our own measures to protect us, police would not be on our side but, strangely many SHOs were part of that meeting itself. In that meeting all sorts of hate speeches, towards a particular section were made. Some of the Jats carried out all sorts of weapons, including knives, swords, sickle, katta (homemade pistol) etc.

While returning after the meeting, consistent slogan was chanted, jao Pakistan warna kabristan- go to Pakistan otherwise go to grave. At Ganga canal minor skirmish occurred and the atmosphere got very charged which was enough to spark the clash.

It had happened first time in the villages and was a unique kind because the villages are known to uphold the secular values and ethos. People of the villages have lived together since time immemorial; shared common grief cooperated with each other in each other’s crisis. No outsiders were involved in the attacks, it were the villagers who attacked the fleeing crowd.

This was definitely not a state sponsored riot unlike Gujarat, but the Uttar Pradesh government was suppose to take immediate measures  which it  didn’t to prevent the riots at the initial stage. Mr. Azam Khan the only Muslim face of the Samajwadi party, the party ruling the state stayed inside his house in the pretext of being sick.

Approximately 62 persons have been killed (exact figure can’t be trace out because there is no elaborate mechanism for head counts) and almost 50,000 people got displaced. We observed that the rioters mainly destroyed the goods and attacked the economic backbone.

The government has not taken single concrete efforts for the safety of the victims staying in the relief camps. No rehabilitation effort has been started by the government agencies so far and compensation was not given in a fair manner. We visited Sanjak, Tawli, Shahpur, Jola and Shamli Madrasa relief camp and found the people has lost hope in the government and we were very emotionally moved by the condition of the inmates and their expectation of relief from the visitors. The inmates of the relief camp lashed out at the government for not supporting them. Winter is approaching and they are in dire need of woolen clothes. The camps are unorganized by any sort.

Police F.I.R, Legal battles, economic assessment would come much later, but to ensure the zeal of life, consistent struggle of survival and to remain alive are yet the challenging task for the victims. The endless tears, innocent questions and struggling effort indeed need a motherly, affectionate healing. Everyone admits that their wounds can’t be removed, but if the state government would have made an honest attempt, it would have been minimized.

Despite our best effort we were unable to meet any rape victims, either due to our lack of recognition, or any support or may be lack of force behind us, or may be some kind of shame and hesitation to talk such things too frequently. There are many family living in Loni (Ghaziabad), there might be some common victims but unfortunately we could not reach there because of our own short coming.

The most humiliating  aspect of suffering is that despite such mammoth and  irreparable  loss, there is kind of cashing the opportunity of taking credit in making out any effort, be it Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party, Samajwadi Party , Welfare Party of India, or Maulana Madani faction or Maulana Arshad faction.

What we need to do is not the mere tokenism of charity, but some concrete ground work; the very idea of hatred must be defeated in all corners of the society. We must reject the idea of hatred and decisive politics, we must ensure the democratic ethos of our Constitution, and we must hold our moral values of co-existence and co-operation.


Abhishek, Shahab Ahmad, Bhavya.

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