Beating off the celluloid

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batori.inALIGARH, FEB 27- Consider this scene “the hero cradles through the all negativities yet he is the one who grows up with no blot on his character. He is unique in every sense which would strike human sensibilities”.

This is what an ordinary lead actor in what we say “Bollywood” buff can we imagine of, but what took me off the track while I got to see “Miss Lovely” which made through the Censor board despite having very abusive nuances included in the story line.

The recent years saw bollywood getting bold in many facets. It accepted the incestuous subject in “That girl in the yellow books”. Also while films like “I am” never been made in bollywood ever before which have so much of dry and striking realities of urban lives. It has received wide audience in literary community who had received it open handily.

Comparing “Dhobi Ghat” with “Swades” the later protagonist have little impact because of her alien image to mass audience while Amir in Dhobi Ghat has proved amply that solution can bring up at home too where no one needs someone come up from somewhere and make things right.

The offbeat cinema remained a playground for those who described themselves as season filmmakers who are very less adverse and usually have their audience in film festivals. The attendees are more of critique literate elitists, intellects who took cinema more as a form of art rather a piece of entertainment.

I am quiet hopeful with the advent of films like Madras Café and Shahid which took more lucid take on the real events and done a good job in narrating event which ought to be told to wider audience. Why I call it hopeful because as a mode of mass media, these movies has no given regular brew of Bollywood but it offered the audience, what we call a vital option which we as a film viewer were lacking.

And again I am a reluctant optimist who will continue to regard to those who come up with the unique idea, who can take the viewer away from the normal caber dance to a newer and better level of film viewing which can amplify the cinematic understanding of the viewer with the normal amount of the entertainment tossed in to it too.

–  Atef


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