Should Religion Exist or Not?

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batori.inAs said by Karl Marx, “Religion is the Opium of Masses” i.e Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world and the soul of soulless conditions.

Man makes religion, not the vice-versa. Religion is fantastic realization of the human essence since the human essence has not acquired any true reality.

It is commonly said that if you do something bad, all you have to do is repent and your God will be okay with it. Since people consider Him the highest authority, this is all that matters to them. So people get in the mind frame that if they ever do something wrong, they only have to pray to be forgiven, instead of thinking about the real consequences. It is always said that religion destroys almost everything it touches. Majority of wars are fought over religion. What an irony! Instead of being humans first we are Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs etc.

Just because someone doesn’t belong to our faith doesn’t mean that they are not good. According to Christopher Hitchens, “human decency is not derived from religion, it precedes it.”If someone is good, then someone is good, so what if they are Christian, Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs etc.

But wait a second, have we ever thought about what will happen if there will be no religion? Have we ever taken into consideration, what is the actual cause of destruction of mankind, the birth of evil, the rule of malignity over sincerity? Should religion be blamed? No! The humans are to be blamed for this.

No religion teaches us to create disguise, to corrupt each other, to become bloodthirsty. So we can see humans will always find reasons to be disagreeable with one another regardless of their religious beliefs. Eliminating religion will not eliminate the real causes of war. Why we forget that humans are living creatures? They are also animals but with a sense of thought. Animals live for themselves and so as human beings. This selfishness forces them to achieve their ends with religion acting as a medium to reach the desired end. Milton Yinger identifies the function of religion which performs for individuals such as answering the ‘Ultimate question’ about meaning of life and what happens after we die. If religion will be eliminated completely, the fear of committing sin will become like a smoke in the air. More and more brutality, cynical deeds, evilness will spread over our own planet. Today Humans are common and Satans are rare. Quite possible, if religion will be vanished, Humans will become rare and Satan, the ruler of our dynasty.

Psychologists generally agree that religious individuals are found to be more likely to be married, satisfied, have supportive friends and be treated with respect. Being religious is also known to contribute to one’s own creativity and self-expression. Religion definitely gives solace to a sufferer. If there be no religion, man will become man eater. He will start neglecting the difference between pious and profane. Still we can see humanity because religion gives a thought that if we commit something that may be good or bad; we will either receive reward or else will get punishment. These functions of religion have made people accountable for their actions. Also religion works wonder in country like ours where we see variety of religions but poor administration. Our administrative structure is as loose as sand in hand. Therefore, if religion will be vaporized people will not be able to understand what is correct or incorrect. Our political system being corrupt, convicts easily get rid off their offence.

While religion can be used as an excuse to promote negative ideals, it can also be used as a tool which significantly impacts society in a positive way. In addition I would like to say stop making religion a weapon and my request to all politicians is to stop your role as housewives involved in kitchen politics and be brilliant and splendid in your workings. Make one religion of humanity and stop deteriorating your own Nation. And above all, on one hand we discriminate on the basis of religion and on the other hand we are bias in our own religion. Hindu religion is divided into innumerable caste and sub castes. According to Hindu Mythology, Brahmins are at the apex and Shudras at the bottom. Earlier Shudras were treated as slaves by the upper caste. Since independence, our country has brought change but paradoxically speaking the condition is still the same, only the positions are exchanged. The backward class now gets more privilege and the upper caste is thrown into general class. Is it a righteous way to bring homogeneity in our society? Dear humans, at-least you try to inculcate the correct essence of religion that is oneness. Stop dividing.

Because religion works like a medicine in pain, it should not be extinct.

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