Gender Equality is a Myth

Print Friendly, PDF & Email“Equal” has no meaning. Does an apple equal a banana? Does black equal white? Does a cat equal a dog?

No, those things cannot be equal because they are different. Similarly, a man and a woman cannot be ‘Equal’ because they are not numerical values. Let us put it straight out there to avoid confusion. Men and women are not equal or I shall reframe the statement by saying, stop the task of making a woman equal to a man. Both the genders are distinct and complimentary to each other. They are just equal in a natural sense, meaning they both contribute to the continuation of species and deserve same rights and liberties.

Well, I’m no one to put this topic forth but a little bit of enlightenment is no harm!

On a lighter note, I would love to add a dearest sentence of almost all Indian parents which I guess most of the daughters might have heard of. Whenever they feel proud of their daughters, shower blessings by saying, “You’re not my daughter, you are like my son”. Saying so makes them evade the thought of having a daughter. Why not when parents are proud of their son, they complement them by saying you are not my son but my daughter. Offensive! Isn’t it? This becomes an insult for them. How absurd is that. Girls don’t need to be titled as boys just as boys don’t need to be titled as girls. No need to remind every girl, hang on! You are on a mission, a mission of proving yourself equal to men.

In the same way, it is not every time the female section who feels they are being treated harshly. Males, they don’t say but are treated unequally too. Dear ladies, if you have proclaimed that you are no less then men and combat for your rights. Why you plea for everything? Plea to a man to go first in a long queue, plea to not follow traffic rules and roam without a helmet! Why slapping a girl is disgraceful and slapping a boy is a mark of chivalry? Both are two complementary halves and should respect each other. A clock needs both minute and hour hand to work. It’s worthless without either.

Correspondingly, here I’m not talking about how to make both of them equal but how to make them realize that they are different in a unique way. Truly speaking, I want to see a place where the duties are not assigned beforehand and one’s own choice is what matter the most. No girl, no boy just humans deciding what to do. Stop making the male section realize that they are boys, they need to look after their families. Since childhood, they live in the misconception that they are the stronger gender and hold a lot of burden. What if they want to become a house-husband? No they can’t become. It’s prefixed. Told you already, duties are assigned. What if a girl doesn’t like cooking or don’t want to plan a family?  But at the end she has to as it’s decided already by a ‘MAHATMA’. Break it guys! Break these stereotypes. This is not gender discrimination. This is a crime, a crime of stealing choices, opinions and life. You are a human first, then any other category.

The only remedy to this complexity is leaving both the oppositions as it is. No battle, no counter action, no racing Just a deep breath and realization of contrast & opted choices. Being different doesn’t make one less then the other.

Don’t see male rights, female rights. Take a look at human rights!


About Ojasvi Nath

Ojasvi Nath is pursuing her journalism from University of Mumbai. A prolific writer and with interest in films she writes scripts for short films.

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