A Feminist or a Female Misogynist? Often misunderstood

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women ruleALIGARH, April 02- Theoretically, Feminism is described as the belief which advocates social, political, legal and economic rights of women to be equal to those of men. But in reality, feminism has started to mean something else.

Since time immemorial, women have been treated as unequal. This section has been facing atrocities and has been disparaged every now and then. In this regard, Feminism is a very loud and an ideal movement to break the stereotypes against objectification of women and also to empower women. Or I can say it started on with the right idea, as almost everything does. But it has brain-washed women into thinking that Feminism is a bigoted hate movement against men and has nothing to do with creating equality amongst the females and males alike.

Recent Vogue magazine’s video “My Choice” which featured Deepika Padukone is an example of “elitisation of feminism” which targets the voices of urban, elite section of the society. The women who take steps to direct such feminist movements are mostly from the upper strata as was seen in this video.

Moreover, the video had narcissistic comments like “It is my choice to have affairs outside marriage” which deceive women’s perceptions to maximize their supremacy, but honestly, this goes for both, men and women alike. You cannot empower yourself by putting the other gender on the tip of your shoe.

Further, pursuing female supremacy under the false banner of “gender equality” is nothing but what we call as Female Chauvinism, which is as derogatory as Male chauvinism is. In the contemporary times, TV soaps and movies reaffirm the concept related to masculine connotations, as seen in Hitler Didi and the movie called Mardani.

Another movie called “Daawat-e-ishq” depicted how women deceive and misuse the Constitutional Laws under the shiny cloak of bringing women justice. Indian Constitution has provided provisions in the form of Marriage Laws like IPC-498a to promote women’s liberation but it is a fallacy. The snide harassment, blatant bigotry and adultery by females is chaining the males as their rights are crushed under the heels of the pseudo-feminists who abuse the laws to give themselves artificial advantages.

Like religious zealots, feminists are driven mindlessly by the force of changing feminine proclivities into masculine ones. Being violent and showing attributes that of a man according to them is a symbol of being authoritative. This in itself is a loophole in the very ideological definition of “their” Feminism.

And before I conclude I would like to say this to the readers that I have written this piece after a number of horrifying cases against men which shocked me. By speaking against the “Neo-Feminism” I do not mean that Feminism has failed the women or is not needed at all. I never meant that I am in favor of the crimes against women but I wanted to show the mirror to my readers that how our society is discriminatory against men and advocates for women’s rights even beyond fairness and justice.

We need to understand the thin line between being a Feminist and a Female Misogynist. It’s time to break the shackles of unnatural living and to not produce an entirely new prototype of woman but rather recognize them as they actually are and should strive to improve the status of beings altogether.

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The author is a B.Sc- Zoology Second year student at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

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