When I say “Enough” ..You must Stop!

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Why all this  hype about “Padukone’s” ..oops! “Vogue Empower’s” video ‘My Choice’ being an encouragement to adultery and cheating? Is it all that the “learned brains” could grasp in that amazingly extraordinary initiative? How come we tagged this video as something that “diminishes the so called Sanctity Of Men”?

Honestly! I wouldn’t mind if my guy upholds certain principles and choices as well.. I do not have a problem with a man expecting the same regard and respect as given to a woman but, to take a step towards empowering the side “longing to be heard”, nobody is trying to suppress the other side which is often noted and witnessed saying that “the beautifully-pure Indian culture has No Place For Women and Girls, who are like flowers, which need Protection not Opportunities and Exposure”. I know adultery is not the kind of “empowerment” women need but is that all that made sense to the masses criticizing this video? How quickly did these “aware” and “conscious” men rebel in “Insecurity” and “Dissatisfaction” on watching this video!! Hahaha poor-pious, tender, unheard men..responsible for the “Systematic Oppression ” of women.

I don’t support sex outside marriage, it is no liberty, no privilege but, I don’t either support sleeping with a pervert rejoicing in domestic violence, because yes! Your pleasure cannot be My pain.. Yes I will sleep with the man I’ll fall in love with.. I will speak out, control, rise, conquer and rule ..I will be outrageous, extrovert and loud enough, not because I want to get raped or molested, not because I want to insult, disregard or “suppress” my counterparts.. But because it is  My Choice to opt for SMILES AND NOT SCARS, BLISS AND NOT BRUISES… I won’t let the “weak men in need of empowerment”, decide where my joy MUST lie…

My body is made that way, attractive and beautiful and I am proud of it. I do not mean to stop you from falling in love or out bursting your honest desires towards another woman, but let us face it, would you honestly be in love and “stay” in love with the loyalty which even that woman shall seek. My emotions will sometimes overpower my head, but I shall know the lines not to be crossed, or even if I do, I shall have reasons to not regret. I will let you appreciate me, even criticize me if you are better experienced, but I won’t let you dictate me. Love my soul, love my existence, LOVE THE VERY FACT THAT I HAVE ‘LET YOU LOVE ME’. If you are a man in my life, my boyfriend, my husband, my brother, my friend or my father I will respect your individuality and let you make your own choices but, my priority will be ME……. I WILL ‘CARE’ FOR YOU,  BUT NOT “BEAR” YOU….

And trust me I am not conscious of myself because of my figure or clothes or colour or actions or thoughts because I don’t live in disguise.. NO CLOAK, NO ILLUSIONS.. I am an Empowered Woman.. my values shall stay firm.. I shall abide by my principles throughout the challenges I face or over the sacrifices I make but, I will choose what to believe, what to follow, what to inculcate ……. I am India’s daughter.. I am the woman of My Choices… I govern myself.. In and Out..

Not To ALL.. But To Some because, there exist some who you can genuinely trust, value, admire, look upon, respect and love……

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-Suvi Jain is a third year law student at Aligarh Muslim University

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