A place to call home

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batori.inWhat makes a home? Bedrooms? a kitchen? a welcoming bathtub? or may be a backyard pool?

The essence of a home cannot remain bound in the walls of these brick and mortar structures.

When we reflect upon the most blissful moments of life, comforting warmth spreads through us, slowly tugging at the edges of our mouth and making way for the toothy smile of treasured memories.

Our home is this moment. It is not a place, it is not a person. It is that feeling of comfort and acceptance that makes us feel secure. Our home is where our past and present collide. Somewhere we revisit old memories and make new ones. It defines us, binds us and expresses us.

But what happens when the place you have always known as your home suddenly closes its doors in your face, and banishes you from the land that gave you a life? Where should you go when your safe haven isn’t safe anymore?

May be the Rohingya refugees in the floating coffins of the Indian Ocean might care to answer. Or we could contact the people of the Middle Eastern countries that spend their days and nights under threatening drones and incessant warfare.

Perhaps, we won’t have to ask them any questions at all. Their fear stricken eyes narrate their story all too well. As the children clutch their mothers’ hands in panic and fright, and the orphaned little souls frantically search the crowds in desperation, the story of their lost homes hangs in the air like a monster gnawing at their souls.

Our country gave us citizenship, rights and an identity. We felt safe and happy. These same promises were made to these homeless wanderers by their governments too. But it wasn’t late until the guns that once stood for their defense turned to point at them. Their trust was broken and their feelings were bundled up and thrown out of the window. Suddenly entire families became orphaned and homeless. Is this what civilization and progress will cost us? Is this Neo Nazism the fruit of our overindulgent political systems?

We need to re-imagine our goals and rethink our values. With no country welcoming these stranded aggrieved people with a friendly hug; it makes us question our value systems and loyalties.

We have state religions, national languages and dominant communities, but is there any country that claims humanity to be its national religion and brotherhood its state motto?

The world is drowning in helpless cries and painful sobs; it is time we offered a hand to this wailing baby. But with dark times ahead do we have enough lighthouses to brighten our way!!!

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