Rangers of tomorrow

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batori.inGifted with a matrix of neurons that provide passage to the most revolutionary ideas, the human race is indeed one of the most advanced and developed species that survives on earth today. With the help of our grey matter we have redefined our tactics of living and have made giant leaps towards progress and development. From mines to missiles, and from jungles to jet planes, our achievements have pushed our limits and helped us to reach for the stars. But unfortunately, our success has intoxicated us so much so that we have gone into overdrive mode, letting our selfish desires take precedence over the common good. But every victory comes with a price. But are we ready to pay the heavy price of our actions?

We turned into savage creatures- hunting and extracting everything that comes in our way. Like ruthless vampires, we have buried our fangs into the many resources of the earth and have started sucking the life out if it. But as Newton said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thus we can be sure that it is long before mother earth will answer our cruelty with her wrath.

It’s high time we realized our folly and make efforts to amend our mistakes before our deeds move past forgiveness. Green living, sustainable development and energy conservation are not just ideas, they are perspectives. They are a chance for mankind to build a better future where the earth is not just a lump of rock and lava but a prosperous land home to a thriving ecosystem.

Our little actions can make a big difference and a few words can inspire millions of people. Drastic times call for drastic measures. And there is no time more accurate for a fresh start than now. So, change your outlook and improve your habits. If we cannot save the earth alone, at least let us try and be the beginning of a revolution. After all, it is not the strongest of the species that survive through difficult times. It is the most adaptable ones that make it through in one piece.

So, ride a bicycle instead of a motorbike, because a ‘hero’ is better than a ‘honda’ hike.

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