The first time when

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batori.inAll my school life I was told just one thing- study hard so you can get into a good college. Study and work hard now because you will get your share of enjoyment in college. And now, when I am in college, in the 2nd year of college to be precise, I get to know what the real college life is all about.

College- A word that brings a lot of hopes and dreams in the eyes of a freshman and fills a pass-out with nostalgia. College in itself is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But there are a lot many things which happen for the first time in college. Everyone has his/her own bunch of moments and experiences they had for the first time in college. The first freshers’ party, the first ragging(OUCH!), that first crush on the charming professor, that first all-nighter, the first night out, the first pajama party, series marathon, etc. etc.

Speaking of my personal experience, I too have a bag full of stories to tell, but as I have to limit myself to the 400-words space, I am sharing a few of them with all of you. The first time I bunked classes, the first time I took attendance seriously (NOTE: Attendance, not classes), the first time I hung out with friends in the canteen after bunking classes without the fear of teachers catching us, the first time I stayed away from my family for such a long time, the first time I became responsible and took charge of my life. The first time I made a family out of my friends. The first time I packed my own luggage (that too, two hours before my train), the first time I learnt to multitask like a pro, celebrated 12-AM birthday parties and gave and got treats for almost anything and everything( Arre wah! new shoes, party to banti hai). The time I took care of myself when I was sick knowing that mum wouldn’t be there beside me, the time I became my own mother, father, sister, brother ( in short, a one- man army). That time when I bought gifts for my family (and the feeling I had when I saw that happiness on their faces, is cannot be explained). The first time I became responsible for my own actions when there was no one to put the blame on or protect me.

But in this whole lot of ‘first times’, it was also the first time I unknowingly went on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization, unraveling and unleashing the different shades of my own personality.
And the journey continues……

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