Burqa: The misunderstood clad

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Ever since my childhood, an inclination towards the Muslim culture made me go deep into the horizon and unfold various facts about them. “Ji, Janaab, Khala, Ammi, Baji, Tashreef” wagerah wagerah, these pleasant Urdu words spoken in the tone coated with honey, eternally over whelmed me. The delectable delicacies, Biryani, Kabaab, sewaiyeen, sheer can even tempt a belly full person. In fact, the love and affection the culture cocoons is impeccable.

I know various number of people who come from Muslim Background. In fact, many of my friends are Muslims. Being raised in such an atmosphere added my interest in the culture more.  When I was a kid, used to ponder, why the ladies wear Burqa. I doubted my friends as well, they might start wearing Burqa once attained a certain age. Then I asked my grandmother, why ladies and even young girls wear Burqa? Subtle as she is, replied me with great patience,” This defines the ladies of their Culture. As we wear Saris and Suits, this is in our culture; western people wear jeans and skirts that is their culture. We see a cultural value varies from culture to culture.”  She made me realize, have your own point of view but never criticize or mock at other’s point of view. As I grew older, I started hearing some different opinions about the Burqa. I still remember someone ridiculing a girl who was wearing Burqa, coming to college with a guy on bike. She literally targeted her saying, “That is why I don’t believe in this Burqa system”. I asked her, why she said so, to which she replied, “Wearing a Burqa and roaming with a guy on bike. This isn’t our culture”. Hearing this made me feel sad deep inside, how people form opinions and judge. He would have been her brother or a friend, even her husband or the one she is in love with. Wearing a Burqa doesn’t make her a matter of conversation.

There was also an incident when I was in my 12th class. Although we were grownups but weren’t allowed to go off the premises during the scheduled timings of school. One of my Hindu friends who wanted to go and meet her boyfriend wore a Burqa borrowed from someone and eloped without getting noticed. This one incident is still resided in my mind even after so many years. Why without knowing the true meaning of Burqa she dared to do this scornful act. Just because the poor clad hides the true faces behind the mask.

Not even we people, but also the Bollywood showed us quite a hilarious face of it. If you want to hide from a crime, wear a Burqa. If u feels like adding a comic element, men wear Burqa and try to look funny. Burqa is not for covering your ill deeds. It is a cultural clad. It represents Muslim Culture. Nobody is saying to wear it. Just respect it with firmness. It is not made to hide the evilness because of the pious and sacred nature. Just as a red sari represents Hindu culture, white gown defines Christianity, Burqa symbolizes the Muslim Culture. Being a Hindu does not let me wear a red saree everyday just like that it is not necessary to wear a Burqa. Just keep it that way. No need to form opinions, no need to judge people based on what they are wearing and for God’s sake, no need to exploit a sacred piece of cloth in the name of culture and religion.

Wear whatever you want. It is your choice but remember respecting others choices. Someone wearing a Burqa might be a true follower of Islam, someone wearing a Burqa must feel comfortable in wearing so, and someone wears a Burqa in order to represent her culture. Not every time we need to go deep inside to find logic. Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple.

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