Mufti Sayeed: A man of political acumen

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batori.inMohammad Sayeed Mufti popularly known as Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had an illustrious political career spanning over six decades. He was an upright and unblemished statesman who represented courage of conviction. His vision for the state of J&K as a distinct feature of India is contemplated by the clear cut democratic construct of his political thought, an inclusive policy and innovative development.

After assuming the power of state in 2002, Mufti sahib initiated the policy of healing touch which was meant to repair the people’s hurt psyche, salvaging their bruised dignity, rebuilding a new hope in their hearts and motivating them to mould their destiny through a participatory political democratic process. It was the great vision of Mufti sahib that he emphasized on self rule document in which he suggested a slew of economic and political measures advocating a sub regional trade agreement with a free trade zone (FTZ) in J&K to be implemented under South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) or under any agreement between New Delhi and Islamabad.

He was of believe that facilitating the free movement of goods and people through Line of Control (LOC) would help the policy makers to facilitate the political changes that the people in the region so badly need. The credit goes to his mission and leadership that the Srinagar Muzaffarabad road was opened in order to facilitate the free movement which truly remained a dream for Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah a towering personality. Mufti sahib a man of wisdom often believed that we belong to such a country which is famous for its diversity and in order to harmonize the relation among different classes we must develop such a quality so that to live in peace and tranquility.

Mufti a man of political acumen was really a leader of great stature. After completing his bachelor’s in law and master’s in Arabic from Aligarh Muslim University joined the bar at district court Islamabad (Anantnag) where he worked for a limited period as a well acclaimed lawyer of his time then soon after he switched over to politics. He was an Indian by conviction and not by compulsion but he did not betray his Kashmiri people. His stand was always one and the same i.e peaceful long lasting solution for the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

One of the most significant milestones in his political career was formation of new political party i.e People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the year 1999 as a best alternative to the Jammu Kashmir National Conference formed by Sheikh Sahib in the year 1939. He started a new beginning along with his most confidant and proud daughter to meet the aspirations of the people and ultimately occupied the chair of Chief Minister with the support of congress led by Ghulam Nabi Azad in 2002. It was that time when the state was passing through a difficult stage viz human rights violations were at peak, the government aided gunmen (Ikhwanis) were more inhuman than the other Indian security agencies deployed in the state. He started a new beginning to change the destiny of people by sloganeering “Na Bandook se na goli se Baat bane ge to boli se” –neither the gun nor the bullet is the solution but the only way to redress our concern is the effective dialogue process. He always persuaded both the neighboring nations to discuss the Kashmir issue according to the United Nations Resolutions. He was of the firm conviction that J&K must act as a bridge between the two nations whenever Kashmir dispute is being discussed.

According to Mufti sahib it is not possible to discuss a long standing issue of global importance without the participation of the Kashmiri leadership in the dialogue process. Mufti sahib was undoubtly a leader of high stature and the passing of such a great leader at this juncture is obviously very critical for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Last, but not the least he proved himself to be very honest, committed and foresighted statesman who changed the whole political spectrum of the entire state……May his soul rest in peace!


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Shayaq Ahmad Shah is a LL.M final year candidate from Aligarh Muslim University.

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