The Warehouse Project- an unwandered music space in the city of Bangalore

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Warehouse ProjectBANGALURU- Since childhood, I have grown up listening to music in some form or the other, from a devotional track playing in my father’s car or the neighbour’s western hits. Being an Indian, especially in the 90s, it is common to be exposed to different genres.

Over the years, Mumbai has captured the attention of the International audiences. Chennai followed the suit and now these two cities are supposedly the face of ‘All Indian music’. To this I strongly object. Yes, Mumbai and Chennai have more exposure, being fairly-commercial in their outlook as cities of a developing Indian-economy, but does that mean that music comes out of only these two cities?

One city in India, which according to me is actually the music capital, is Bangalore. Filled with musicians, from bands that have been in existence for many years to new bands churning amazing music, the city of Bangalore knows no bounds. Everyday there are concerts for music lovers in the city.

What troubled me is the fact that these bands weren’t getting the recognition they needed. Yes, they have their fan following but the idea was how to get them bigger and let the remaining country know about them. I was in dilemma, as to how these bands could get the maximum exposure to a huge lot, and so I began my quest to find different bands with their own genres and musicians in the city.

That was when I came across ‘The Warehouse Project’. They are a 4-member rock band based in Bangalore. I had heard of them before and decided to contact them. The minute I told them about the idea and I wanted an interview with them, they were more than delighted. So this is my very beginning in the long quest, exploring the Independent music scene in Bangalore.

Deepak- Your music is an influence of classic rock and metal. Who were your influences and any person who would like to collaborate with (Dead or Alive)?

Reply- We are mostly influenced by the late 70s and early 80s rock music. Stuff like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Motorhead and Black Sabbath have always been an important source of influence and inspiration for us.

Deepak- ‘The Warehouse Project’, what’s the story behind the name and how did the members get together?

Reply- This name got stuck after we first started jamming at one of our friend’s warehouse. Getting members together was always an evolving process.  Kishore- vocalist and Akash- drummer were partners in crime from childhood days.  Guitarist, Kamal and Bassis, Souptik came into the picture after we shared posts on social media. Very soon we started building a strong connection among us.

Deepak- What do the band members do when the band is not doing shows?

Reply- All the band members are into different professions, the guitarist Kamal is an entrepreneur & a guitar teacher, the vocalist Kishore is an animator/computer graphic artist, the drummer Akash is into IT & the youngest member of the band Souptik (bassist) is pursuing his graduation in media studies. Apart from our busy schedule, we spend time hanging around together, we listen to lot of music, work on our own song compositions and yes we jam a lot to make our music at its best.

Deepak- What other genres of music does the band members listen to (while travelling or relaxing) different from the genre you play?

Reply- We listen to lot of music because we believe that you always can learn something new when you keep experimenting and exploring different stuff.  Our drummer Akash listens to stuff like psychedelic trance, hip hop and house.  Souptik, the bassist listens to a lot of post grunge & alternative Rock, guitarist Kamal listens to a lot of classic rock and our vocalist Kishore enjoys Metalcore & Assamese tracks by Papon.

Deepak- Which cities have you played in India? If yes, which was your favourite? If no, where would you like to play and why?

Reply- We haven’t played in many cities, but definitely we look forward to perform in Shillong (which is the capital of Rock Music in India) and Hornbill International Rock Festival- Nagaland (the largest Rock festival of India). These are the cities where people respect and appreciate independent music. Other than this we definitely will love to perform in all the major cities of the country to understand & learn more music.

Deepak- Having played live gigs in Bangalore, which was your favourite venue? ( in terms of crowd, lights, sound and the whole experience )

Reply- Favourite venue? hmmmm… every venue is special in its own way cause we play music & the crowd comes to enjoy the music. Yes, definitely sometimes there can be some technical issues with sound, but things have improved a lot now. Almost all the venues in Bangalore have got some great sound systems. Recently we performed at BIG JAM and they had some great equipments. The experience we had was awesome. It was good to see a jam packed venue on a Tuesday evening. BIG JAM was packed and all the people were there to enjoy music which is one of our best experiences too.

Deepak- Is there a record label the band would like to tie-up with? ( International / National)

Reply- ‘The Warehouse Project’ is working on its debut Album and the final phases of production are on.  We are looking forward to tie-up and are in talks with few a record labels.

Deepak- Every band has a dream tour. Places they would to perform at and the crowd they would like to play for. Any such dream of The Warehouse Project?

Reply- Dream tour?? Dream tour for us is to travel across the INDIA and may be down the line after 1 year we look forward to do international tours. When it’s about the crowd we would love to do a North East India tour, which is definitely on our tour list.

Deepak- Live gigs and tours or albums and videos? Which one excites The Warehouse Project?

Reply- Definitely live gigs & tours. Live gigs are where your real performance is.

Deepak- What is the energy in the dressing room/ among the members before going on the stage?

Reply- There is always a huge rush of adrenaline before going on the stage. Every gig is an experience, so taking that experience with an attitude to Rock on stage is what we believe is the energy for us.

Deepak- Preparation before any show is considered a must. How important is preparing for a show for the band and how does the band go about this?

Reply- The most important thing we do to prepare for our gigs is to focus on playing songs according to the venue or event.  We make sure we take care of each and every minute detail when it comes to getting the playlist ready, the sound check part, keeping our gears set and also our stage attire.

Deepak- Are there any upcoming albums of The Warehouse Projects? Where will it be available?

Reply- Currently, ‘The Warehouse Project’ is working on its debut Album. The tracks on this album are, “Heal The Pain”, “Powerhouse”, ”Discrimination” and “Alone”, all of which is going through the final phases of production. They will soon be available for downloads over all music retail platforms.

Deepak- The internet is a place which for the music industry, some consider it a boon and some a bane. How has this medium of media helped the band?

Reply- It is easy to connect to our followers and keep them update with our gigs. This medium also helped us a lot to spread our music globally.

Reply- Does the band plan to bring out a video for any of the tracks?

Yes, we are coming up with a music video for our track called “Heal the Pain”.

This my friends is’ The Warehouse Project’, an Independent band from Bangalore doing small things, in a great way in this world of music. Let us not be blind and oblivious to the music around us. Learn to appreciate the different genres of music available in this country for there won’t be any other country in the world with so much of diversity.


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