Smoking- a style statement

Print Friendly, PDF & Email“Too much of anything is good for nothing” We are all sensible enough to comprehend this proverb. Honey is good for our health but if we have it too much it will affect our health. Likewise a medicine is good, but we can’t have it more than enough. Even angels can turn into devils if consumed in excess. We are talking about the good things but it’s kind of funny how we ingest the bad things, knowing its harm and that too excessively.

Bad things for instance include smoking. Smoking, in now day’s terminology defined as a very “cool” thing to do. Mind you, if you are a smoker you have that new shitty attitude known as “SWAG”. Roll around your eyes and you will find college and high school students standing with proud and smoking through the halls and campuses. Even, there are certain areas fixed for smoking. Some call it “adda” some call it “tapri”. I wonder how after knowing the harmful effects of smoking, people are fools to initiate smoking. Look at the bloody packets of cigarettes. They are shouting their way loud. Don’t smoke. Smoking kills. These are the group of people who stopped eating Maggi-Noodles because experts found it unfit for consumption but will never ever stop smoking. The so-called “swaggers”.

Few weeks back when I was waiting for a friend on a bus stand, a sweet looking 16-17 year old girl came to me and asked if I have a lighter? I smiled at her and said no. It seemed like her anxiety was leading into exasperation. Later, I saw her managing to get her cigarette lit up and an expression of satisfaction bowled upon her face. She was smoking as have been smoking since the time of her birth. Each and every time I see a person smoking, my heart starts pounding. I don’t say don’t smoke but why are you making yourself a slave of addiction. Why craving of a little thing is a matter of death and survival. Question is not why do you smoke but the question is what makes you fall in the trap? Sometimes it start with peer pressure “Bhai ek baar try karke toh dekh, try karne me kya jaata hai?” and sometimes it is because of frustration. This sentence has ruined so many lives, “EK BAAR TRY KARNE MEIN KYA JAATA HAI”. Abey GADHO! Bohat kuch jaata hai. It is a myth that you look cool when you smoke. You all are not Shahrukh Khan who can afford to go for a lung repair treatment after smoking. Ask a smoker to quit smoking, he will reply you instantly that there are many non smokers who get lung cancer and dies. “Na karke marne se acha hai sab kuch karke maro”. What a lame excuse, I must say.

If you die with a reason behind your death there is always regret left with your family that they would have saved your life. That is the difference between sudden death and death trap created by self. Though smoking is prohibited in public places, I wish it to be prohibited forever from our lives. My writing this will merely affect anyone but if you want to smoke, not only smoke but drink then go right now and get yourself detached from your family. Because one day now or lately you will die and the reason will be obvious. Who will suffer ultimately are not you but your loved ones. So, best of luck and keep going. You know your way.


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Ojasvi Nath is pursuing her journalism from University of Mumbai. A prolific writer and with interest in films she writes scripts for short films.

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