Trust the crux of trust

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trustYears passed and we went on reading about ‘trust’ somewhere round the globe. Innumerable quotes, countless stories and numberless thoughts have been passed since ages but the scenario is still the same. Yes, it is hard to trust. You are made of iron or made of mud; it is equally difficult to trust without having a second thought. Let’s be honest! We are selfish. We don’t trust until and unless we are satisfied with the content provided.

We don’t trust the restaurants who claim to provide delicious and healthy food. In return what we do? If our stomach suffers harassment due to loose-motions, we generalize the entire food-chains are culprits who serve stale dried-out food. Poor servers, they don’t know that they are wasting their money pretending to put on plastic gloves or toque (chef’s hat). Sadly, they aren’t aware, even if they serve with utter honesty, their loyalty is at stake.

We don’t trust the trustworthy policemen or any government servant. Reason is straight and simple. Police or government is a synonym of corruption. If a ticket taker charges us because we were travelling without ticket, he is a corrupt. Take it any way, he will remain corrupt. Despite the possibility, he may be serving with perfect integrity; we will never trust a policeman. For us, trusting a thief is better than trusting a policeman or our government.

Likewise, we don’t like trusting strangers. Why? Well, this is quite funny. Mummy said to do so. Strangers might poison us or strangle us to death. We should not pass a smile to an unknown uncle or aunty. Even talking to strangers is injurious to health. Mistakenly, if one grabbed a bite of a biscuit, start counting last breath. I guess if others are strangers to you, you might be a stranger to others. Isn’t it?

Additionally speaking, every girl talks about not trusting a boy. Of course we should not. According to a permanent and immortal logic, ‘all men are dogs’. All men are potential rapists and the only aim of their life is to cheat and give women plenty of reason, reasons of not trusting men. By the way, each and every woman is honest, loyal and faithful. Remember that! And also don’t forget, charity begins at home. So start distrusting your father and brother immediately.

Lastly, trusting your life partner is a heinous crime. Don’t trust words or actions. Trust how many times your partner did not checked out a girl or unfriended a guy. This may help developing a cordial relation. For love is not based on trusting but social networking.

Irony of life- everyone use the word trust. Hence they don’t know the true meaning.

People, please start trusting as believing and having faith is your job, not doubting. Because trust breaks where there is no trust. Trust me, once you start trusting, nobody will have the guts to break that trust. Someone is befooling you, let him, as one day you never know the blind trust may arouse the guilty conscious of the person.

Trust for once and see the result.


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Ojasvi Nath is pursuing her journalism from University of Mumbai. A prolific writer and with interest in films she writes scripts for short films.

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