Weekend in Chandigarh

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There are many offbeat destinations to visit around the globe. Some may impress you, some may take your breath and some may reside in your heart.

Chandigarh, the city of roses is one of those places that may steal your heart if you plan to give it a shot.

Chandigarh has its own charm thanks to its striking museums, buzzing nightlife, architectural wonders and a clean and well-organized infrastructure dotted with lush green areas. Whether you are visiting the city with your family, solo bag packing or traveling with your buddies, there are things a plenty for every type of traveler in Chandigarh.

But, the one thing that made the city worth appreciating is the it’s system.

I remember, once I visited the place to meet my brother who was new to the city too. I was in for a shock. The very first day as he drove on the streets, he was stopped by a policeman. As I wondered why we were stopped, he pointed at the car’s registration number plate – the size of the digits was too small. The next day, we were stopped again. Not accustomed to putting on the seat belt – I never did during my stints in Bihar and Gujarat before this – caught on the wrong side of the law. The rendezvous continued on the third day too – this time we couldn’t figure out why we were stopped again. We had the number plate changed, had the seat belt fastened firmly and had the registration papers all ready. A burly policeman peeked through the window and said: “Chandigarh mein gadi chalate chalate cigarette nahi piya karte”. I looked at my brother who was smoking.

I must admit I was in awe.My encounters with the men in khaki left me impressed.

I wish to go back in the city where I actually felt safe, secure and happy. Trust me, the city not only perfect in its administration, but also impeccable when it comes to proving Chandigarh’s scenic attributes.

Begin your Chandigarh trip by soaking in the scenic views of Zakir Hussain garden or Rose garden as it is properly known.Spend some time at Sukhna Lake. Shop till you drop at sector 17. Sector 17 boasts of some trendiest hotels and some high-end brands. You can choose from an assortment of items such as handicraft, electronics, garments and trendy shoes. When you are tired shopping for loved ones, gorge on delectable munchies at one of the several restaurants and roadside stalls in Chandigarh’s most happening market.

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