June monsoon rainfall below average in five years

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rainfall-forecastNEW DELHI, June 30- Monsoon rainfall was 43% below average in June, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Monday, the weakest first month of the season in five years.

Rains were 34% above average a year earlier, as the monsoon arrived on the normal date of 1 June and covered half the country by mid-June, two days ahead of schedule.

“We expect the monsoon to recover in next three to four days as signs of revival are visible over the Bay of Bengal,” said B.P. Yadav, head of the National Weather Forecasting Centre at the IMD.

He said a deficiency in the first month does not mean that the four-month-long rainy season would be a failure.

In 1926, the monsoon recorded its worst first-month shortfall at 48% below average in June, but the season ended at 7% above average, due to a late revival.

This year, the monsoon covered half of the country four days behind schedule following a late onset over the southern Kerala coast.

The progress of the monsoon towards the grain bowl belt of northwest India is late by up to 10 days.

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