AAP ready to form government

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aam aadmi partyNEW DELHI: Strongly indicating that Delhi’s wait for a government could be over soon, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal said auditing of power companies and legislating the Jan Lokpal bill would be top priorities for the new city government.

Though he added the proviso that a formal announcement on government formation will await till a referendum AAP is conducting is over, Kejriwal asserted AAP would do a much better job than traditional parties like BJP and Congress if it assumed office.

AAP has to take a formal decision on whether it is accepting the outside support of eight Congress MLAs that will take its numbers in the 70-member Delhi assembly to the halfway mark of 36.

On the ongoing referendum, Kejriwal was non-committal. “We have received both points of view, some who feel we should stay away from politics and have nothing to do with it and there are others who feel that we should form government. There is nothing unethical in either. It is a political decision. We will completely go by public opinion,” he said.

But senior AAP leader Manish Sisodia indicated where the ongoing referendum is headed, saying, “We are receiving overwhelming support for our decision to form the government. There is no reason not to form government.” The party is expected to make an announcement by Monday.

Kejriwal, who is gearing up for two days of jan sabhas across the city, also dismissed sceptics who criticized the party’s manifesto as a pie in the sky.

Having decided to step up to the table, AAP’s pitch for the 2014 polls seems underway. The referendum, Kejriwal said had made their party a talking point even among those who had not supported them earlier.

He added, “It is important to realize that we are redefining democracy. People are already talking about our party and feeling empowered. The process is important for us.”

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