Kejriwal to take fight against corruption at national level

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Arvind Kejriwal- file photo

NEW DELHI- With an eye on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said he wants to take the fight against corruption from the capital to the entire country.

“Citizens of Delhi have given us an opportunity and we will keep fighting against corruption. We have to pass the Lokpal bill and the Swaraj bill. I now want to take this fight against corruption from Delhi to the entire nation,” he said.

When asked about his ministers moving around in office cars, the Chief Minister said, “I have never said that one cannot use office cars. My objection was to the use of red beacon in the cars.”

Kejriwal also stood by the his earlier stance of holding an open session of Delhi Assembly at Ramlila Maidan to pass the Janlokpal Bill.

However, after having refused a bungalow, Kejriwal has finally decided to move into a five-bedroom duplex house in Delhi. “Now, I will live with my family in the five bedroom house. Earlier I was living in a four bedroom apartment, that’s the only difference,” he said.

Kejriwal further said, he will use the other five-bedroom house offered to him as his office.

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