Perception play

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batori.inIs too much of rationality, and too much of “seeking sense and logic” the cause of maximum of our worries?

Whether to let go and get amused by the moment, or to hold tight the strings of life and stick to worldly logistics? The course, as they say, has never been too smooth. But I have most certainly come to a conclusion; it is all a ‘Perception Play’. Life has a habit of moulding in accordance with one’s very own perceptions. What to hold on, and what to let go, is all in one’s own hands, then why so many complications? We choose our moods, and choose yet again, to affix ourselves to those feelings and tempers until an external force intrudes our auras and our “unsurpassable human minds” get influenced.

When thoughts need to be placed in order; when the present needs to be defined that is exactly when I ponder over ‘life’; Life with the mysterious possibilities of the future, life with chains of unorganized memories of the past. Some inferences, some regrets. Some commas which could be left as planned full stops, some full stops which could have expanded to frame stories for generations to come.

Amidst what I have passed by, and what is yet to be confronted, I once again forget to finish my job of defining the present. I see them struggling to look through the smoke that engulfed them all night, to catch hold of their senses as someone calls for their names through the loud metal tracks. Forgetting even their own names at times, they exclaim “Why so serious? Who cares?”  But for once, is it too difficult to take a pause from the rush, to isolate from the bustle and delve deep within the untouched and devout self, and make an attempt to introspect and realize how much we are ‘indebted’?

I always thought that the beauty of the bonds lies in the simplicity they carry; but I fail to see any sobriety, any honesty, and any graciousness around me. I expected them to deal with life’s pits and cliffs with maturity. By ‘maturity’, I don’t mean ‘cunningness’, I mean the forbearance and indulgence that comes in a person’s individuality with the experience he/she gains in his/her own respectively unique journey of life. I see no innocence, It’s like, nobody cares for the ‘truth ‘anymore, nobody seeks uniformity or monotony in the relationships one creates.

Or maybe the essence is to only suit your own self. To seek ‘liberation’, no matter what it means to you and at what cost you get it. If reality is not good enough, may be you having all the rights to ‘escape’ and let lose. To awaken the sleeping conscience or to suppress it for enough times by leaving it unheard is all a choice. To count every sigh of relief or to walk carefree in a territory of imagination is again a choice. To see it, touch it, comprehend it, hold it and nurture it or to let it go smiling in your deep subconscious is all a Perception Play.

About Suvi Jain

-Suvi Jain is a third year law student at Aligarh Muslim University

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