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batori.inWell alright! So what happens when your younger sibling grows up?

All the “ astute ” elder brothers and sisters who always live in a misconception that the younger kid is favored and pampered more by their parents, and gets to lead a comparatively “relaxed” and “comfortable” life, must have taken aback with the results of their little ones, dropping in this month.

So I am one such astonished “elder one” whose brother received a “not so happening” entrance result this evening. Now how do you react when a 16 year old, 6 ft. tall, passionate footballer, who has won prizes for his brains and voice, scores an incredible 95% in 10th ICSE boards but fails to get through a shitty objective entrance exam for science because he wasn’t in the best of his “concentration”, and did some careless mistakes? You, very much like me, would go, “Holy Shit, how could he perform so ‘average’ in that one-sheet-exam.” I, like 30 other “well-wishing” relatives of mine, began to judge and predict my brother’s future on the basis of an OMR computer report that proved him not “good-enough.”

Well, call me narrow minded, but that’s how the society we live in works. My sweetheart, who have always been so carefree and optimistic, to the extent that he sets even the “senior-citizens’ brains” right when they complain about the alarming world-evolution pace, called me and sighed, “Par Suvi di, sab kya sochenge? (Suvi, what people will think) They all know that I gave the exam, how do I face them?”

God, I have never hated “log”- People more. How do I tell him it doesn’t matter after a point? How do I tell him he is brilliant, a lot better than all the “relatives” and “acquaintances” who he thinks he is accountable to? I have seen my little one study his eyes out, straining his senses, memorizing, grasping, exploring, and discovering, for hours at a stretch. And now when the “closed- concerned” ones review his hard work and strength on the basis of a single 3 hour “examination”, I don’t want him to de-evaluate his brains. His amazing brains that I am proud of. He was so little and adorable, so aggressive and arrogant though, when he used to fit in, my then tiny arms. He would cry for something or the other till his demand was gratified. I wish I had the strength to bring him the world, right away. Not because I am scared of the “others who disapprove” but because I want him to toss it on those big mouths and chillax and enjoy every bit of his being, just as carefree as he was, before he came to know that our family’s pride lies on his shoulders. The concern for many is not to look for a decent junior college for him, but to pity on his distorted stars and fate, or worse, for his marriage, which is just 15 years away! I have seen him get up at 5 am, work out listening to heavy metal, get ready, offer prayers, study constantly and take just three meal-breaks. And no, this is no Pammi aunty fussing again over “the irritating perfect-kid” shit, it’s absolutely true, very much first-hand. He will do great, I know he will, I don’t care if he doesn’t choose the most expected and main-streamed path. I will be right behind him to support and encourage, no matter what.

We don’t just go forward and “get it all” just as “they” want us to or just as “we plan” to, but sometimes we just get the best, we just gotta be patient, because THE BEST TIMES, TAKE TIME. And they definitely wouldn’t be this special and fantastic if they don’t come as surprises. Why do we tend to struggle to confirm to what the “significant others” around us believe? Why can’t we just carve our own paths and strive forward, sometimes, without giving a damn to the destination, just celebrating the journey, growing as wholesome human beings with values. I never confirmed, many of us didn’t. We often see ourselves as the black sheep, walking on the less- trodden way. We might take some wrong turns, but what matters is, how courageously and confidently we deal with the “new”.

“People” have always questioned, TRYING TO FIND MEANINGS TO THEIR INSECURITIES IN YOUR IMPERFECTIONS. They are still as curious, as concerned, sometimes criticizing and sometimes appreciating amongst themselves in slow whispers. But all that matters to me is My conscience, My individuality, My dreams, that know, no ends. And of course, my little baby who’ll read it first, that incredibly beautiful woman who I call Maa, who’ll understand and smile at this piece the most and my father who might not read it as enthusiastically.. lol.

I love you bhai, the most in the world!

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-Suvi Jain is a third year law student at Aligarh Muslim University

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