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batori.inWhat is silence?

Is it good or is it bad?  Is it disrespect or respect? Is silence tranquil or a state of turmoil?

One brilliant mind said “it is better to keep mum when you are in anger” as a stitch in time saves nine. So does it mean that silence is way to curb your anger?

My grandpa like a gentleman (you know what I mean) told her that her mother didn’t bestow her with culinary skills and called my mother ill-mannered in front of everyone as there was no steam in the soup she prepared. You don’t speak to me like that. this is what I heard on letting him know that the soup does not breathe. uffff……hay bhagwan sadbudhi do dadu ko. typical Indian mentality. Does silence means being courageous or coward?

He prefers keeping quiet which is part of his nature.  Oh, so he is an introvert and lives in a silo. May be he need a psychiatrist so as to regain his tranquility.

Her cheeks were streaked with tears, her green eyes showing her torment. Umm. So there is a prick her heart and going through a phase of irreparable damage. Is silence pain or are these crocodile tears?

My wife is silent these days. Oh Gosh!!! This is the remains of the bygones or it’s the lull before the storm. God bless this poor husband…ha ha!!

I still don’t know what silence means to me…is it all or is it none??

Hope to have these answers one day may be the dooms day. But one thing that i know now is that silence the best weapon in the human armoury subject to an apt mix of usage and dosage…*wink*!!

About Shivani Mittal

Shivani is a Chartered Accountant by profession based at Delhi and she utilizes her leisure time for writing.

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