Not so happy monsoons

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batori.inThese days are going a little too weird, feels like I just came across two “remarkable” funerals next door, a terrorist attack in the state of the most “high-spirited”; India is soon going to be the world’s most populous country. I mean, nobody seems happy, from the Kashmiri militants, down to my mom. Wasn’t Monsoon supposed to bring-in pleasure and cheer?

Dr. Kalam’s death had an enormous effect worldwide; from children taking pledges to contribute for India’s better, to youngsters working for an extra-day and, the Congress and BJP “coming-together” for his last rites.  But the catch is Yakub’s hanging has had an even stronger upshot in minds. Why were we not able to treat a Terrorist Just as a Terrorist? Not just amongst politicians, painting the issue in communal overtones, but also youngsters, condemning the verdict and tagging it as “Death of the Democracy”. It hasn’t been too long that the country could finally “beat-for-the-better”, the Babri Masjid demolition issue, but we were forced again to shuffle perspectives and witness a poisoned atmosphere, all thanks to politicians playing their dangerous cards again.  Yet, the impact of his execution was so grave that thousands of “brain-washed” mourning-Indians payed homage to a convicted murderer.  May be because we Indian’s have moved far ahead of petty-politics and we take life a lot more seriously than an “evidence-decision” mechanism decided on the text or because we know we can’t bring-in a life, extract the necessary, and dispose it after the need has been met with. Memon wrote to the Chief Justice of India that he seeked a logical end to the Bombay Blasts case and that he is happy to sacrifice for the country. Well, the State witnessed a change in a murderer’s heart, and gave a “Your deed was the CAUSE of this EFFECT on your life” decision. He said that his execution will make some innocents turn into terrorists, and well. I won’t deny. We Indians are known for getting easily influenced.

Was Memon hanged as a desperate urge, due to enormous failures of not catching the mighty-devils? Or was it just an issue of Upholding the Supreme Law?   Whatever the reason may be, it has brought home massive-dissatisfaction which our country cannot afford to handle, much graver than Dharna baba’s unfulfilled promises, and Vyapam’s suicides. Well Dr. Kalam’s teachings are being recited and recalled all over,  telling us to win hearts and not defeat bodies, and  to live on virtues of harmony and integrity, did nature’s call for Kalam happen at this moment, only to remind us that we Indians stand to maintain peace? We Indian’s are known for our minds, our more than capable brains ruling every field, all over the world. These instances might have struck numerous chords, I so wish they’re the right ones. I so wish we don’t get persuaded by those opportunists waiting to mould ignited brains and fire. Destruction is not what we’re looking for, we are rather searching for better ways to curb such mishaps, such calamities that provoke us to hunt for revenge, we’ll strive for cheer, we’ll strive for liberation, we’ll strive to incorporate fraternity and advocate Integrity. Let’s not let this monsoon swab our essence, our nation’s core, and our peaceful hearts.  When I met Dr. Kalam, when I impersonated his assets in my being, when I  performed his speeches, I pictured my Tomorrow land, I smiled, I was determined, I was hopeful, and I shall now STRIVE.

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-Suvi Jain is a third year law student at Aligarh Muslim University

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