My last day!!!

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batori.inYes, you got it right, it’s my last day. Last day at place where I don’t belong; last day at world but the “Corporate World”. Last day of being a hypocrite!!!!

People ask me that was your decision to leave or the boss asks you to leave as papers were put down just after a meeting with the boss. I hold my head high when say that I left voluntarily; I took a decision to extend my frontiers beyond office; I chose respect over money; I chose to raise my voice which left me with a new characteristic of being argumentative. Hence, I chose to be courage and not the cowardly dog unlike others…phew!!

Corporate world leaves you with nothing to lose. Not even personal honor. People only sing the song of their plight but will humming the melody change something? Naah!!! In such a scenario, what option do we have? Keep quiet? Why? Fight back? Why not? Oh no! You do not want to lose your good paying job which pays you good despite of your worthlessness.

Next question is didn’t anybody ask you to stay back but you know what I don’t want to either!!! Feeling of belonging doesn’t exist in the air. These brash, brazen & brainy daredevils are sarcastically awesome and I can’t be that candid and sarcastic. It seems I am so stupid by not having learned to manage myself.

You know what such entities work on weekends only if they have work. Our country doesn’t know that there exists such an employee friendly corporate world. Law makers are so stupid at making labor laws in India as they don’t know that these kinds of companies seldom have work even on weekdays. They give us the freedom to complete our personal commitment even at the cost of their work…Wow!!! Ye to kuch bi nahi hai! No need to ask for early leaves.  You don’t even need to come to office by simply saying “man nhi h aaj aane ka”!!! So come on people, what are you waiting for…Christmas!!! When are you joining these companies? Rush folk rush…Offer valid for limited period!!!

Here you won’t even miss your neighborhood (Aha!!) as there are so many aunt’s even in male bodies. Guess what…you can be a creator of gossips.

Shhhhh…..this little dark secret is only for females. They can take advantage of being women (as told by one of the so called aunty). Oops…..i said it. You don’t say that as its divulgence is jinxed.

Hence with no regrets and no fear….

Yes it’s my last day but not at life as my life is much more that India & Pakistan border!!!

Yes it’s my last day but not at family, I will still come back home peacefully with the peanuts even if start all over again!!!

Yes it’s my last day but not at friendship as my friends are still at the corporate world so they need an ear for the melo drama!!!

Yes it’s my last day but not at being merry as I am a free bird now!!! Ummm….I think now can fly beyond Pakistan.


About Shivani Mittal

Shivani is a Chartered Accountant by profession based at Delhi and she utilizes her leisure time for writing.

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