“Un”quote the Quota

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batori.inAre we not a free country? Yes we are. Hence, I demand my right to equality. But this is our Constitutional Right. Don’t I know that? I know, but I am devoid of it. Who kept me in abeyance of my Fundamental Right? The answer is “Quota”. But how can a system deny me of my fundamental right!

That’s what I thought. But then why is there is a desperation in me for not getting into an engineering or medical or graduation college. The ground of denial is “Quota”. I was denied admission as there was no seat left for the general category because of the quota system. But nonetheless, I consoled myself that at least some one is studying. But…but he dropped out after one year of college as he wasn’t in a mood to study further. Phew! This is not the end. Climax is yet to come. He entered the quota by fighting to be coined as such.

Wasn’t I meritorious? He was too. Then why was that lad given admission and not me. For a simple reason, I belong to general category but he didn’t. Did you get it! Beggars cannot be choosers.  I hate being a beggar so it’s better to sleep forever.  THE END!!

Sadly, this is the conclusion of only one.

Quota was required then….whenmid 1900.  Is it essential now? Are we still dalit or minority?

There is a need of change. Change of refrain. Refrain from being one of those. Change to “Un”quote the quota.

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Shivani is a Chartered Accountant by profession based at Delhi and she utilizes her leisure time for writing.

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