Peace out Bro!

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batori.inSo a lot has been happening around..Poor-Prince William is stuck between Madam Kate’s “flying-dress-diaries” and Madam Queen’s “royal-birthday-diaries”; Clinton and Trump are talking big-numbers and making us feel poorer; king Salman recently told Obama that he couldn’t accompany the global-boss for a glass of wine as he only drinks tea and oil; we’re all gladly discussing the Syrian-crisis exactly as we were  months back; not-me, not-you, not-Kejriwal, but Indrapastha Gas Ltd. is benefiting the most from the new plan-in-action on our throughways; our beloved-neighbor was lately informed of hosting two parallel courts of justice and the International-villain, Hon’ble Justice Hafiz Saeed runs one of them; we’re still fighting for an Azaad-Kasmir, and we still don’t know what is to be done with Jammu and Ladakh and the Pakistan-occupied-Azaad-Kashmir or the bit claimed by China and Tibet; Janaab Modi is still travelling around the world and has refused to a space-travel program after the failure of a torturous-experiment on mice, while Janab Gandhi lately toured to his own constituency due to budget-discrepancies; our new-heroes are still stuck with passing-the-buck and are reluctant to speak against naxalites on-camera. A lot seems to have literally happened around us and that’s probably why Sri Sri Ravishankar felt-free to “utilize” our national-reserves in order to calm-our heads.

I mean, don’t we all have enough “personal” problems already? Now, we’re even expected to bother ourselves when some Mallya runs away after extracting a lot but “just-money” from Bharat Maa’s assets.(*Fuck. Imprisonment for a minimum of 7yrs with fine*)

Keeping aside all this Socio-political drama, the primary-problem lies somewhere else altogether, and it’s gonna come-up and screw you real-bad after a couple of years when you’ll still be a silent-observer of all that’s apparently happening “around the world”, sitting Jobless in front of that idiot-box, with your girl or boy having ditched you for someone more “stable” and “acceptable” as per family-ideals, the guitar will not earn you shit, even Jantar-Mantar won’t be of any use then and the CPI will still be struggling without a worth-it strategy that can run a nation, and your life will be stagnant.

But what got me really worried since I attended a conference on “liberal-religious-dialogue” is what I want to share today.

Whether to go individual or general, in terms of my consciousness and credence? Whether to worry about what’s inside or to question the exterior? Trust me; even weed couldn’t crack this nut.

So some wise men sat-down to confab and resolve the crisis by digging into the historical-dimensions and aspects of our being. They emphasized on a more individualistic-approach to life, your life, and that of your neighbor, which in-turn gets affected by it. They spoke of one-thought at a time and one-act at a time; they talked of the brain and the belief, they refused to get persuaded and play the prey or the victim. They delved-deep into the essence of you and me, the fact that all religions have unfortunately failed to clarify, the truth that only the scriptures carry. The one, who was allegedly chosen by The Almighty, claims that we stand as children of Adam and Eve, that we’re siblings and one, but also differentiates by labeling some as specials-in-particular and others as inferior. The other one, who claims that we have evolved around ‘avatars’ and come from a common-golden-embryo also tagged some of us as the “clean and wise” and some as the “ones to labor for the wise”. There was another who called us a species from another species, confirmed Africa as our mother-land and great-apes as our fathers. There was one more, which has reduced us to tiny-inhabitants of an irrelevant-pale-blue-dot in a huge-universe. We were never short of contemplative, wise-men who asserted to have unleashed what we stand-for and as, but none could satisfy our perplexities completely. If it’s all so specific and comprehensible, why do we then deviate, wreak and victimize, delineate and blame, interfere and violate or for that matter, why do we even think differently and cause problems for one-another? Why are we progressing in a way and deteriorating in another? Perceptions? Is that it?

Whatsoever may be the truth of our evolution and existence, we were never actually made to believe that we are equals. I don’t blame religions entirely, for shaping our brains in such a destructive-way, I blame insecurities, I blame the handful of wizards who existed back then, who exist even today, over your heads, on the podiums, under your beds, on revered-chairs, even in the rooms next to you. The ones who stop you from being whosoever you fucking want to be, who enmesh you, who tag you as someone who is expected to express, act and think in a certain-manner, who are a hindrance to your spontaneous-individuality, who stop you from choosing, loving, granting, forgiving and doing everything that makes you feel like YOU, who suit their own-greedy selves and seek to be known and honored for doing so. Nothing is good or bad or HARAM or “wrong” just because someone as petty as a speck of dust calls it so, but anything that cages your soul most certainly is. The growing discomfort and dissatisfaction around and within is exactly what is wrong, if we go purely by the most natural and original bits of our being, it shall all fall in place, the moment we start tangling ourselves with all that is a mere mental-construction of some such wizards, we retaliate and turn hostile, we want to please and prove ourselves as the “better-lot”, in-shot, everything goes-wrong. YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE AND GROW AND DO IT ALL… It’s petty if they try to govern your decision-making, in terms of who to marry, who to professionally look-up to, whether to by your-ways or the ways of the world..You are accountable to nothing but your own conscience. A value-system or a belief-code is personal, strictly personal and so is your patriotism and outlook towards science, religion, social-institutions and the rest of all that is worldly.

Deep-down, you always know. Perseverance is all that you require.


About Suvi Jain

-Suvi Jain is a third year law student at Aligarh Muslim University

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